Should You Drink Water After Taking CBD Oil?

Should You Drink Water After Taking CBD Oil?

CBD has high lipophilicity, which is the ability of molecules to dissolve in oils and fats. It has low water solubility. It is the main reason CBD oil and edibles, rather than plain CBD, are the primary products sold. The oil acts as a carrier to help CBD absorption by the body, as does the fat in most edibles. However, some CBD users like drinking water after they consume anything or regularly drink water throughout the day for health reasons, raising the question, “Can you drink water after consuming CBD oil?”


People should stay hydrated for health reasons, but can you drink water after consuming CBD oil or gummies? You can drink water without causing physical harm, but the water may impact CBD effects. You want to give CBD oil taken sublingually or by swallowing time to be absorbed into the bloodstream before drinking water. Drinking water after eating an edible with CBD oil, on the other hand, may help break down the nutrients faster. Only a little research is available concerning drinking water with CBD oil.

How Long Should You Wait to Eat or Drink After Consuming CBD Oil?

There is no consistent advice on how long you should wait before drinking water or eating after CBD. Generally, it is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes to an hour, or longer, before eating or drinking after taking CBD. This should often give your body enough time to absorb and experience CBD oil’s effects. However, depending on factors like weight, metabolic rate, and CBD potency, it could take up to two hours or longer for the CBD to work due to the first-pass metabolism process. There is a high variability associated with the way CBD is administered.

Taking CBD sublingually has some of the highest bioavailability because it bypasses the first-pass metabolism process. However, even if you take a tincture sublingually, you need to wait long enough for CBD oil to be absorbed into the membranes in the mouth and travel through the bloodstream before eating or drinking water or other beverages. Hold the CBD oil under your tongue for up to 60 seconds, then swallow what is not absorbed. Since you will swallow some CBD even when CBD oil is taken sublingually, the same guidelines apply no matter how you consume CBD oil.

One suggestion is to take CBD a few times and track how long it takes to experience the effects. Once the effects are noticeable, you can drink water or eat and track any new effects. You could experiment by taking CBD with or without food or water, or try both ways, to determine if the CBD effects are impacted. Given the need for more research and the unique characteristics of each person, it takes some experimentation to determine what works best.

«It is always important to stay hydrated, and drinking water is essential to maintaining good health. Since there are varying opinions on whether or not you should drink water before, with or after consuming CBD, there is no harm in drinking water after consuming CBD oil a couple of times and comparing the experience to waiting a couple of hours before drinking water.»

CBD Oil in Drinks

Can you put CBD oil in a drink? Yes, you can add CBD oil to drinks, with one caveat. The hot or cold drink should contain some fat for the best results. For example, if you add CBD oil to a smoothie, use coconut oil, whole milk or olive oil as an ingredient. People do add CBD oil to:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Smoothies
  • Milkshakes
  • Fruit juice drinks
  • Soda
  • Seltzer

Olive oil is a healthy fat – research found it can increase the bioaccessibility of CBD taken with food. Taking CBD with lipids (fats) increased CBD concentrations in your body. A CBD smoothie with ingredients like coconut water, olive oil and fruit is an excellent way to consume CBD while simultaneously hydrating.

There are CBD-infused drink products sold today. For example, at our store, you can purchase CBD powdered drink mixes for sale. The powdered drink mixes use Nano-Encapsulated Technology to promote water-soluble absorption. As science advances, new technologies like this will increase CBD absorption.

Concerning alcoholic drinks, can you drink and take CBD? You can mix alcohol and CBD, but research found that using alcohol and CBD together may increase sedation. Other research indicates that CBD oil effects are not markedly different while drinking. Some research has said that scientists are unclear about the interaction of CBD and alcohol. That is not surprising since separating the effects based on the particular substance is difficult when working together.

Alcohol does have much water in it, but it is the ethanol (alcohol) combined with CBD that causes sedation. One suggestion is to wait six hours after taking CBD orally before drinking alcohol. That gives CBD time to process in your system fully.

Water and CBD Edibles

Can you drink water after taking an edible with CBD? The same principles apply, but CBD takes longer to reach the bloodstream as an edible. CBD bioavailability is the absorption rate and amount of a substance that reaches the bloodstream. Many factors determine it, including the amount and spectrum of CBD, body mass, stomach contents, metabolic rate and water content.

Like CBD oil that is swallowed, CBD edible must go through the first pass metabolism, the digestive process, and that takes more time for CBD to reach the bloodstream than CBD taken sublingually. Drinking water with any food may help speed digestion by helping break down the edible faster and increasing nutrient absorption processes. After eating a CBD edible, you can drink water to release the CBD and other nutrients in the CBD oil sooner.

Water and CBD Edibles

Giving CBD Time to Absorb

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to whether you should drink water with CBD oil. If you take CBD oil by swallowing, sublingually or consuming it in edibles, drinking water right away will not cause harm. However, water may influence CBD’s bioavailability. Drinking plain water without fat too soon after CBD oil consumption may impact how long CBD takes to produce effects. Try to experiment with different approaches.

Ultimately, deciding to drink any water after consuming CBD oil is a personal choice, and doing what feels suitable for you and your body is important. If you do choose to drink water CBD oil consumption, be sure also to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay properly hydrated. It is always best to consult your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional to determine the best timing based on your needs.




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