Full Spectrum CBD: What Does it Mean?

CBD products are now incredibly popular, but you may not know what the type of product that you are selecting. While you can choose from tinctures, capsules, edibles, vapes, there are also the differences between a full spectrum product and an isolate. These products can come from different sources, and they can provide you with various benefits.

At first, glance, choosing a product that will benefit you can seem overwhelming. That’s why it is important to conduct adequate research before you make a purchase. With CBD (or cannabidiol) only being one out of over 100 different compounds within the Cannabis Sativa species, other cannabinoids could be very helpful for the issue that you are attempting to treat. Some work quite well together. Of course, CBD can also provide benefits all by itself.

Let’s take a closer look at what a full spectrum product is. It will allow you to make an educated decision regarding what type of product you want to try out.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

A full spectrum CBD product will contain a wide variety of essential vitamins, protein, fatty acids, chlorophyll, flavonoids, fiber, and terpenes. Hemp contains a large number of different cannabinoids. Some of these cannabinoids are found in tiny amounts.

The most common are CBD and CBDa. CBDa is seen more frequently in the hemp plant. It requires manufacturers to use the process of decarboxylation, which heats the oil and changes the CBDa into CBD. Remember, CBD that comes from cannabis is only legal in states that allow medicinal marijuana use. CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 states thanks to the US Farm Bill of 2014. 

Dr. Rachna Patel told about the differences in CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD.

The Benefits of Full Spectrum

A very comprehensive study took place in 2015, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Hadassah School. This study was a comparison between full spectrum extracts and standalone CBD. When dealing with chronic pain and inflammation (the focus of the research), the full spectrum product was more beneficial. 

CBD has its benefits, but different cannabinoids are working together provides for faster results, longer lasting results and more benefits to the body overall. It’s called the ‘Entourage Effect’. Many reputable brands are now selling full spectrum products as their primary item because of this information.

The Entourage Effect can be beneficial for conditions such as: 

Gastrointestinal Issues

THC has the ability the increase your appetite, but CBD can assist with other issues like nausea. It has also shown to be beneficial for people dealing with eating disorders, where consumption of food is tied into a mental condition of some sort. 

Anxiety Disorders

THC has the potential to make anxiety and depression worse. When you use CBD, this will negate the unwanted effects of THC. You can use a full spectrum product for post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder and more. 

Neurological Disorders

A full spectrum cannabinoid product can help with tremors relating to Parkinson’s, symptoms of Alzheimer’s and seizures. 

What Will You Find in a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Product? 


full spectrum cbd oil

THC and CBD are two well-known cannabinoids. There are over 100 others than you can find within a full spectrum product. 

Cannabigerol (CBG)

It’s the stem cell of cannabinoids. CBG is known as this because of its ability to transform into other cannabinoids. Most plants will have a low level of CBG because of this fact. 

Cannabinol (CBN)

As THC degrades, it turns into CBN. The fresh plant contains very minimal levels. Decarboxylation raises CBN in a final product. You will notice a psychotropic effect with the presence of CBN, as it affects the CB2 receptor more than the CB1 receptor. 

Cannabichromene (CBC)

While now scientists have not done a lot of research on CBC, but it is very prevalent in certain types of marijuana.  With little information known on this compound, it is unclear if CBC has the same effects on the body that a full spectrum CBD oil and other cannabinoids have. 


full spectrum hemp oil

These are chemicals that work well with cannabinoids to heal and balance the body. Some of the most common terpenes include: 


A stress reliever that can boost the mood, and it helps with specific gastrointestinal issues. 


Pinene helps with mental alertness and memory retention. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. 


A sedating chemical that helps with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. 

Minerals and Vitamins

The most common vitamins found in a full spectrum tincture product are vitamins A, C, E and B complex vitamins. There are also minerals which are necessary for proper health and nutrition. It includes iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and potassium. 

Protein and Fats

You will also find as many as 20 amino acids in a full spectrum CBD isolate product. Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 are included. They promote heart health, and they help repair bodily tissue. 

In the End

Consuming a full spectrum CBD vape oil, tincture, capsule or other product is much more beneficial than just CBD on its own. While a CBD-based product can help your body function optimally, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Choosing a full spectrum CBD wax provides you with many different cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins and minerals that you need each day to live your best life.

Whether you are looking to reduce inflammation in the body, get rid of chronic pain, decrease your anxiety or reduce symptoms associated with cancer treatments, opting for a full spectrum product is most beneficial.


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