Boulder Studies CBD Effects on Brain Injury

Real-Time Diagnostics Ventures Inc., a Boulder company, is running a unique study in the US to learn more about the effects of CBD supplements on brain recovery from traumatic injury.

The study comes from unconfirmed data on CBD’s ability to reduce pain and improve sleep. These effects are said to be provided by some varieties of cannabis strains. The research is funded by the Hope Boulder Blooming Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the medical use of cannabinoids, and also Clover Leaf University, which is developing security procedures and related business training programs that are unique for the industry.

Don Cooper, co-founder, and president of Real-Time Diagnostics Ventures Inc. say we lack studies for natural cannabinoids and their effect on brain injuries. According to him, there’s non-official research that confirms that plant-driven cannabidiol works as neuroprotectors and can recover brain function from the injury.

In this research, he studied adults who were taking natural CBD supplements to reduce brain injury. Two groups of 20 participants aged 18-55 were regularly taking CBD. The first group had brain injuries; the second group was a control one (no brain injuries).


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