Fatty Food Improves the Absorption of CBD

  • Updated December 19, 2019

  • Published August 20, 2019

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CBD food

A new study at the University of Minnesota has revealed that food that’s rich in fat might improve the absorption of CBD. The research was done on patients who were given CBD capsules after a burrito or other fatty meals. The other group was fasting before taking a capsule.

The “burrito” group had four times higher level of CBD in their bodies, and the top amount of CBD in their blood was 14 times higher than that of the fasting group. The researchers didn’t record any difference in brain functions.

Fatty food can improve the absorption of CBD, but it also can affect variability as there’s a different amount of fat in meals.

What does that mean to science and consumers? Higher absorption translates into lower costs during treatment, says co-author Ilo Leppik. However, the variability of the CBD level in the blood created by fatty food is not suitable for patients as they need to keep a stable level of drugs in the blood.


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