CBD Users Take Fewer Medications and Drink Less Alcohol

cbd alcohol

Using cannabidiol makes people take fewer medications and alcohol. According to a recent study in High Yield Insights, 50% of people who use CBD, a natural marijuana component with lots of health benefits that don’t produce the high, consume fewer prescription drugs and supplements. 20% of those who use CBD drink alcohol less often.

The study is an attempt to explain why people use CBD and express it in a measurable form. The second part of the report is devoted to potential CBD users, i.e., those who have shown interest in CBD products.

Tension is one of the reasons among current CBD users to incorporate the substance into their wellness routine. Sleeping disorders come next. Thanks to federal legislation, CBD is now easily accessible in stores and online.

CBD is seen as a healthier alternative for occasions such as winding down in the evening.

As for the CBD – alcohol connection, Mike Luce from HYI days

A group of young non-married white male participants has shown the most surprising results: 56% of them said they drank craft beer less often. The survey featured 2,000 participants aged 21 and older: ¾ of them used CBD at the moment of study, the rest didn’t. Mike Luce says that all kinds of people use CBD, so they are trying to shape customer personas to understand them better.


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