CBD Brand Comparison Chart. Part Two

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CBD oil is a natural component. When taken daily, it can help the body achieve a full sense of balance that keeps you healthy and functioning optimally.

With so many different CBD brands on the market, it can be challenging to decide what would be the best option for your specific need. Let’s look closely at some of the most popular CBD brands.

Diamond CBD

diamond cbd vape additive


  • Diamond doesn’t compromise on quality. You get exceptional ingredients with each product you invest in.
  • Safe and legal outcomes.
  • Commodities contain a high profile of different cannabinoids and other natural molecules that work for a variety of issues.
  • All batches are lab tested.


  • Artificial flavorings and ingredients are sometimes used in their products like the Diamond CBD gummies and Diamond CBD vape additive. It’s most common in vape products.

Diamond CBD Review Full Details

The main focus of Diamond CBD is to research and develop a variety of innovative CBD products that are accessible from a global perspective. The team at Diamond comprises hemp enthusiasts, doctors, scientists, and many more integral people.

Diamond CBD Benefits and Bottom Line

The Diamond CBD products line contains all kinds of product type, and Diamond CBD price points are quite affordable compared to other brands. You can choose from something tasteless and easy to consume each day, or you can switch your CBD administration up with some edibles or vape products. They even have bath and body products that you can regularly use for healthy skin, or to treat an ailment from a local perspective.

NuLeaf Naturals Products

nuleaf naturals cbd oil


  • NuLeaf put a great deal of care and attention into the creation of products.
  • Products are organic, meaning they’re free of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemical additives.
  • Full spectrum cannabinoids.
  • CO2 extraction.
  • NuLeaf Naturals price points are quite affordable for the quality of products that you receive. You may be able to get a NuLeaf Naturals coupon code to discount your overall cost.


  • A minimal product line. You’ll have to select from one of their essential CBD oils.

NuLeaf Naturals Benefits and Full Details

The NuLeaf Naturals brand began back in 2014 by a group of plant medicine enthusiasts. It has now grown to be one of the leading hemp companies in the United States. Committed to providing consumers with the highest grade of CBD possible, all products are third-party lab tested for potency and purity.

These are all organic oils and extracts that you can count on to be safe and beneficial. NuLeaf Naturals wants to make sure you and your family are living as happy and healthy of a life as possible.

NuLeaf Naturals Review and Bottom Line

None of the products that are part of the NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil brand are synthetic or isolates. You’ll reap the benefits of a properly grown hemp plant with whole-plant extracts. Their farm locates in Colorado, U.S.A., they utilize organic and sustainable farming practices. If you’re looking for a discount, this is one of the best brands to use when it comes to NuLeaf Naturals coupon discounts.


dixie botanicals cbd



  • HempMeds price points are on the higher end. Keep in mind; you’re getting a very safe and pure product. It’s likely worth the investment. Keep an eye on sales.

HempMeds Review and Full Details

HempMeds began as one of the first CBD companies in the U.S. The goal was to make CBD and cannabinoids legally available in our country, and this brand has always had the intention to reach the masses. There are many different demographics of people that want to use CBD. Hemp Meds strives to help everybody, regardless of their health problems, HempMeds stock price points, financial status.

Hempmeds Benefits and Bottom Line

All of the products that are part of the HempMeds CBD oil lineup are created using Non-GMO, sustainable hemp that is grown without the use of dangerous herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Only natural ingredients go into each product. There aren’t artificial flavorings used in these products. HempMeds products are ones that you can trust for you and your whole family. You can even use these products on your pets. Just be sure to check with your veterinarian first to establish a proper dose.

Pure Spectrum 

pure spectrum cbd oil


  • Pure and reliable products created in every batch from Pure Spectrum.
  • Very high standards using during the cultivation and manufacturing process.
  • Maintains a close relationship with the Cannabis Research Foundation, Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, Sievers BioTech, major universities.


  • Some products have limited information included on their website. For example, some of the Pure Spectrum vape pen products don’t have ingredients listed.

Pure Spectrum Review and Full Details

Dedicated to revolutionizing the phytocannabinoid industry, Pure Spectrum utilizes a rigorous manufacturing process to provide consumers with the more pure products around. It isn’t just about making money with Pure Spectrum. It is about providing customers with the ability to feel their best each day. Price points are very affordable.

Pure Spectrum Benefits and Bottom Line

Brand’s products are continually being changed, and they evolve to keep up with the latest changes in the CBD industry. They do it by utilizing new information, education, and refinement of products. The brand that intends to stay at the top as part of the forefront of the CBD industry.

They work closely with a variety of organizations to stay on top of the latest developments, provide CBD to people who need it most, and educate people who don’t know much about the potential benefits of CBD.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil

real scientific hemp oil review


  • Legal to purchase and use daily.
  • Very high guidelines used for production and quality assurance.
  • The brand tested over 3000 different varieties of CBD before deciding on the current variation for Real Scientific products.


  • Real Scientific hemp oil price points are a bit high. Right quality products, however.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil Review and Full Details

Real Scientific began as a distributed brand by HempMeds. The concept was to bring the health benefits of cannabinoids to as many people as possible. Cannabis is under stringent regulations from the government, and many Americans don’t have access to medicinal marijuana. Utilizing hemp and CBD was the perfect way to assist as it is legal to sell and ship.

The Bottom Line

Currently, a 750-family farm collective is used to cultivate and harvest the hemp that is used for all of the Real Scientific hemp oil products. Real Scientific hemp oil benefits are thanks to the pure products that are sold, containing a high level of minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. It allows the body to remain in balance, preventing disease and treating various ailments.

Tinctures and capsules are predominantly what you’ll find on the product line. There are other pre-metered products and salves you may want to consider working into your daily CBD routine.


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