Where to Buy CBD Oil in Florida in 2024?

  • Updated January 9, 2024

  • Published April 30, 2021

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Florida

As of December 20, 2018, hemp was legalized at the federal level by the Farm Bill Act of 2018 but with some restrictions. Like most states, Florida follows federal laws on hemp for CBD production. The Farm Bill separated hemp from marijuana by defining hemp as having no more than 0.3 percent THC content.

Florida Senate Bill 1020, signed into law in 2019, allows the cultivation of industrial hemp and authorizes the distribution and retail sale of hemp extract. The hemp must stay within the THC level of 0.3 percent, matching the federal requirements.

Currently, you can get a Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ) from a physician for the purchase of CBD or medical marijuana. That gives you the right to buy CBD oil and products containing higher levels of THC from a licensed Florida dispensary. However, you can legally buy hemp-derived CBD oil in Florida without an MMJ as long as the CBD product’s THC level remains at 0.3 percent or less.

How to Buy CBD Oil in Florida?

How to Buy CBD Oil in Florida?

In Florida, you can buy CBD oil and products containing CBD oil in a variety of ways.

  1. Through an online retailer of CBD products
  2. At a licensed Florida dispensary with an MMJ
  3. At a local retailer

The easiest way to buy CBD oil in Jacksonville or Orlando is through an online retailer. When buying CBD oil in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, or any other city in Florida, the company’s products are required by law to have undergone independent lab testing. You can buy online from a company selling high-quality CBD products and also find reports on third-party lab testing analysis.

CBD Products You Can Buy at CBD.market Store

There are a wealth of CBD products available today, from CBD gummies to oils, tinctures, and drops. We offer access to a variety of CBD products from CBD manufacturers that are able to meet Florida laws and regulations concerning THC content, packaging, labeling, and testing by an independent lab.

It is important to buy from a trustworthy online vendor because Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner takes CBD sales very seriously and has been inspecting CBD products sold in gas stations, flea markets, and grocery stores. Though online products are not included in inspections, it is always wise to adhere to state regulations for health and safety reasons and in case the state should decide to regulate online CBD sales.

The products you can buy in our store cover the full range of options. Since each person develops a preference for how they consume CBD extracts, having options while shopping is important. Products include the following:

CBD Oil for Sale in Florida

When buying CBD oil cost does matter because it is no secret that there are many low-quality CBD products sold through local retailers that are overcharging. When you buy CBD edibles in Florida off-the-shelf, you often have no way of verifying the content and really no way of knowing if the product is high quality.

That is why the Agriculture Commissioner regulates packaging, labeling and independent lab testing, but it is easy for unreliable retailers to continue selling overpriced low-quality CBD oil in Florida. The CBD brands on our website have earned a reputation for quality, reliability, honesty and transparency. Online shopping through our site is a much safer and more convenient alternative.

CBD.market Ships CBD for Free to Florida

When buying CBD from our online store, any order over $60 is shipped free to Florida. CBD products are packaged in a way that ensures safe delivery.

  1. Where to Buy the Best CBD in Florida?

    If you want to know how to get the best CBD oil in Florida, shop CBD in our online store. You get a number of benefits that include:• High-quality products• Products meeting Florida’s regulatory requirements for packaging and labeling• Free shipping in the U.S.• Low price guarantee• 30-day money-back guarantee• Earn CBD thanks rewards as money with each purchase which can be used on the next purchase

  2. Will My CBD Oil Arrive in Florida Quickly?

    We know that when you buy CBD products, you want them quickly in order to begin enjoying the benefits. That is why we process each order within 24 hours. You get same day shipping on the day of order processing.

  3. What is the Legal Amount of CBD Oil in Florida?

    You can possess as much CBD oil in Florida as you want. There are no legal limitations on CBD products as long as each product meets the THC limitation of no more than .03 percent.

  4. What Do I Need to Buy CBD Oil in Florida?

    The truth is you do not need anything to buy CBD oil in Florida from a local non-dispensary retailer or online, as long as the product is made from hemp that has 0.3 percent or less THC content. If you buy CBD from a Florida dispensary and present an MMJ, you are required to be 21 years old.

Shop for CBD in Florida with Convenience

It is hard to beat online shopping. You get the convenience of shopping at home or on your mobile phone. It also means you can do everything you need to do at one sitting, from reading the product label to reviewing the online independent lab testing report. It is easy to make cost comparisons, find a variety of products in different quantities and potencies and get other benefits like joining a rewards program.

Once you find a brand you like, you can buy it repeatedly without ease. No need to drive to a store and wonder about the quality of the CBD product. Online shopping is a win-win-win proposition.


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  1. Robert Gowin

    I need help stomach **** during my sleep time and also have ********* ****s.
    I have been advised by relatives that cbd oils may give relief.
    Please advise me on my issues.

    • Michael Levin, author at CBD.market

      Michael Levin

      Hi Robert,
      We suggest you do your own research, talk to your doctor and refer to testimonials for more information. You would like to talk with your physician before starting any supplement to make sure it interacts well with your current medications and is right for your body.


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