How Do You Get CBD Out of Your System?

How Do You Get CBD Out of Your System?

CBD from government approved industrial hemp is a legal compound and is not psychotropic, meaning it does not affect the mental state. Despite these facts, some people continue to worry that CBD will show up on a drug test and cause them issues at work. This is due mainly to the fact that some CBD oil products may have THC in them, and it is the THC that is detected. When faced with a possible test, they want to know how to get CBD out of their system as quickly as possible. There are a few ways to speed up the elimination of CBD from your system as discussed in the following sections.

CBD typically stays in the bloodstream for up to five days but may stay longer. It is not detected by standard commercial drug tests. The concern is that some CBD oil products do contain enough THC to be detectable. The best way to flush CBD out of your system is by drinking a lot of water or vigorously exercising to cause heavy sweating.

Can CBD Oil Be Used When Drug Testing is Likely?

A common question is whether CBD shows up on a drug test. The answer is that drug tests do not screen for CBD. The issue is that there are different spectrums of CBD oil, and CBD oil manufactured with two of the spectrums may have some THC in it. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

That is why many people may want to know how to get CBD out of your system fast when concerned about drug test results.

CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis plants. Most CBD comes from the industrial hemp plant which is specifically cultivated to contain 0.3 percent THC or less and has a high amount of CBD. CBD can be extracted from cannabis plants, but to remain legal, the THC content of the extracts must remain at 0.3 percent or less of THC. It is more difficult and more expensive to remove the higher THC amount from marijuana to make CBD oil.

CBD Types

There are three types of CBD oil at the market.

Full spectrum CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil

All the cannabinoids are extracted and retained during processing, so the CBD oil will contain some THC.

Broad spectrum CBD oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil

All the cannabinoids are extracted, but THC is removed through an extraction process. There may be traces of THC in the CBD oil unless the product says it is THC free.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate

The CBD oil made with CBD isolate only contains CBD.

The issue is that full spectrum CBD oil and broad spectrum CBB oil may have enough THC in them to show up on a drug test. In that case, you really want to know how to quickly get THC out of your system as opposed to CBD.

Pure CBD will not show up on the regular drug tests used for marijuana screening with one caveat. The possibility of a false positive result does exist. However, there would be a follow-up drug test, and it is very unlikely the false positive would result again as long as the product’s contents are accurately described.

How Long Can CBD Be Detected?

How long is CBD in your body? A research study on CBD administered orally found that CBD remained in the urine until a drug test was conducted at 5 days in 4-out-of-6 assessments. Pure CBD was not detected at all in the typical commercially available drug screening tests. In a detailed drug screening of pure CBD, most other cannabinoids were undetectable, including CBN. When pure CBD and delta-9 (currently legal) are administered together, researchers found that CBD concentrations were higher for a longer period of time compared to just taking CBD.

The half life of CBD, when it is consumed orally for a long period of time, is approximately 2-5 days. The research on detection in blood reports different results. An older study found CBD in blood was not detectable one week after stopping CBD consumption. However, more recent research indicates a blood test could detect CBD for a longer period of time.

There are a number of factors that influence the rate at which CBD leaves the body. For example, your weight, metabolism and stomach contents can influence the rate. The CBD potency, dosage, and frequency of consumption also contribute to CBD levels and the time period for detection. Heavy CBD usage can lead to CBD staying in urine for up to a month.

How Can You Get CBD Out of Your system?

CBD leaves the body primarily through sweat and urine. You can try a few things to remove CBD from your system which target these two sources of CBD elimination.

1. Stop Taking CBD

Of course, the best way to get CBD out of your system is to stop using it, and let nature take its course. To ensure all traces of CBD are gone, stop using CBD 2-3 weeks before you need to make sure there is no chance of testing positive due to CBD oil consumption.

2. Drink More Water

To increase urination frequency to flush CBD out of your system, drink more water. This will lead to flushing CBD more rapidly via urine.

To increase urination frequency to flush CBD out of your system, drink more water

3. Exercise Vigorously

Intense exercise raises the heartbeat and causes more sweating. By sweating more, you might eliminate CBD more rapidly.

4. Consume More Fiber

A high fiber diet can contribute to bowel movements. This may enable CBD to exit the body faster.

Some other suggestions include taking a diuretic to promote urination and using detox pills. These options should be used with caution because they are not natural approaches.


The most frequent reason people fail a drug test when using CBD oil is due to the product containing THC. If you are using CBD, it is important to buy your products from only reliable companies with a reputation for truthful labeling. Not all companies are honest about their CBD products. Read customer reviews and check the Certificate of Analysis prepared by an independent lab. You want to purchase high-quality CBD oil products you can trust.




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