CBD Oil for Dog Seizures

Many dogs suffer from severe conditions as they age. Some are even born with issues that require some medical intervention. One pervasive problem is seizures. Some dogs have seizures that are idiopathic, while others have an ongoing seizure disorder that is caused by some environmental stimuli. When your dog has a seizure, the symptoms can be very concerning. After the actual seizure has ended, they may appear very confused or upset for some hours.

CBD oil is something that some pet owners are starting to use for their pets as a natural way to decrease the incidence of seizures, and CBD can also be used to reduce the severity of a seizure. The best part is, CBD oil for dogs with seizures doesn’t come with dangerous side effects like many prescription medications do.

CBD and Seizures in Dogs

There are a number of dog breeds that are more susceptible to developing seizure disorders. This includes:

  • English spring spaniels
  • Hungarian vizslas
  • Shepherds
  • Сollies
  • Wolfhounds
  • Keeshonds
  • Edge Dogs
  • Dachshunds

Approximately one to five percent of canines will deal with a seizure at some point during their lifetime. Some dogs will continue to have them regularly. You may not even know that your dog is having a seizure if it happens while you are away at work during the day. Head injuries, encephalitis, and illness can also cause seizures.

cbd oil for dog seizures

You may not even know that your dog is having a seizure if it happens while you are away at work during the day.

CBD Oil for Dog Seizures and Other Seizure Treatments

Dogs that suffer from ongoing seizures may be offered a prescription medication such as Phenobarbital. The adverse side effects that come with these treatment options include the change in mood, lethargy, weakness, change in bowel habits, decreased appetite and liver injury with ongoing use. Many CBD brands are starting to come out with specific products designed for dogs and other small animals.

You might be reluctant to put your pet on any ongoing treatment plan, but CBD will help them feel better overall.

It can lead to a significant decrease in seizures. Once you have seen your pet go through a seizure, it is something that you want to prevent from happening again. It is a terrifying situation, even if you know that it is a seizure that you are witnessing. The best thing that you can do for your dog at the time is to be there for them. They are likely terrified, or they will be scared when they come. Moving forward, you can try to figure out the best care plan to prevent more seizures.

Ordering CBD Oil Dog Seizures Medication

It’s essential that you speak with your pet’s veterinarian before starting your dog on any CBD oil for seizures in dogs regimen. It’s mostly to ensure that your pet isn’t going to have any interaction with any medications they may already be on. You also want to make sure that your dog is going to be receiving a high-quality product, at an appropriate CBD oil dosage for dog seizures.

The internet has several very reputable resources that allow you to purchase CBD for yourself or CBD oil for epilepsy in dogs. Some products are intended for use with humans and pets. Others are produced as a pet supplement or treat. Just make sure you do some research before you make a final decision on a product.

Stay away from products that contain artificial ingredients, harmful additives or poor quality CBD for dog seizures.

The best CBD oil for dog seizures product that you can choose for your dog will be something that has been organically grown from a commercial standpoint. The manufacturing process should be very safe, and the final product should be very potent. Try to choose a product that comes with a third-party lab result report. It will give you insight into everything that your pet will be consuming. You will also be able to tell if the product you are considering is entirely free of THC, or it may just be within the tolerance of below 0.3 percent.

At the Conclusion

Living more holistically is something that many people are starting to do in their own homes. When it comes to your pet, you want to make sure that they are happy and healthy as well. As a member of our family, we want our dogs to feel their best. It allows them to play, run and enjoy time with us.

Consider using dog seizures CBD oil as a treatment option for your dog’s ailment. You can choose to use it as an ongoing supplement to promote optimal health in a dog who may be getting a bit slower than they were when they were a puppy.


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