The Number of CBD Consumers is Growing

The Number of CBD Consumers is Growing

The little to no quantity of this psychoactive marihuana component made CBD popular among people of different ages.

Rules and regulations for growing and selling hemp flower are still in the works, and conventional medicine still needs additional research to study the substance, but the supporters share their impression and link to existing studies to prove the CBD potential.

One of the CBD ambassadors, Kelly Lavallee, helped her father applying some CBD-based cream to his hands, which eventually allowed him to sleep well again. However, CBD should be used only as a supplement. CBD products come in different formats, from oil drops to edibles, but all of them should not replace the actual treatment.

Medical professionals like Jim Potter of the New Hampshire Medical Society warn that people should be careful with CBD as the market is still poorly regulated and the products might be mislabeled.

Chris McPherron from Your CBD store doesn’t recommend buying CBD products from companies that don’t have public lab research results. Seniors who make a pretty big part of CBD consumers (they use it mostly for relief) should be especially careful.

CBD is a strong trend, and we should expect this market to grow, bringing new ways to consume this component without risks.


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