Scott Gottlieb’s Resignation from FDA May Slow Down CBD Regulations

Scott Gottlieb’s Resignation from FDA May Slow Down CBD Regulations

Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), resigned on Tuesday, citing a desire to spend more time with his family. He is expected to leave the agency in about a month.

Scott Gottlieb has resigned from the US Food and Drug Administration to focus more on his family. He has a month to finish his projects before he leaves.

As CBD regulations were one of Gottlieb’s top priorities, the resignation will worry many CBD supporters. CBD has been legalized since late 2018; however, in DEA, unprescribed CBD is treated as illegal Schedule I drug.

Gottlieb expressed his willingness to collaborate with Congress to find a proper way to regulate CBD so that people can it sell in regular food supplement shops. He claimed that this process could take a long time and couldn’t be called “straightforward.”

The commissioner said that they were looking for alternative approaches to CBD regulation, which would be based on science. That’s why the process can take so long.

Gottlieb was a physician in the past himself, so activists and supporters speak of him as a very competent and capable person. He and his team have successfully decreased deaths from tobacco, use of nicotine among teenagers and lowered the price of generic drugs. Others, for example, Michael Carome from Public Citizen, are not sorry about his resignation, suspecting that Gottlieb has a commercial interest.


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