Red Wine and CBD: Is It A Good Combination?

Red Wine and CBD: A Good Combination?

A French winemaker has added CBD to red wine to entice a new generation of consumers.

France has always been known as a place to find good wine. The standards for what makes wine delicious have been set by French winemakers, and people across the globe try to mimic their flavors and success.

However, it has been found that younger generations don’t drink as much as the older ones. In an attempt to encourage younger people to enjoy wine, a French winery in Bordeaux has infused CBD into their latest batch of red Burgundy.

Raphael De Pablo started out as a cannabis grower before turning into a winemaker. His hope is that his new concoction will shake up wine traditions. His inspiration for this product came from a technique used by Gallic tribes in the second century, which he learned about after reading an article from an archaeologist that was published in 2018.

Combining CBD with Red Wine

It has been found that CBD can increase the feelings of relaxation in people who take it, and many individuals across the globe use it to help them relax and unwind after a long day. Alcohol can also be beneficial in helping people stay calm, and the hope is that by combining wine and CBD, people will be able to live a more relaxed life.

This may be the case, but there are few studies that have been conducted that examine the effects of mixing CBD with alcohol. For people who are thinking about trying CBD mixed with wine, it may be a good idea to speak with a doctor about potential health issues. It’s also advised that a person start with a small amount and find out how it will affect them before drinking large quantities of this product.

Growing in Popularity

CBD has been growing in popularity in recent years, and it’s possible to find it in a variety of different products, including CBD beverages and drinks. It was only a matter of time before an entrepreneur thought to add it to a bottle of wine.

In France, this product is referred to as a flavored wine-based drink because of the addition of CBD. It is completely legal, and many thousands of bottles already sold. Most of the buyers live in France, which means that De Pablo may be meeting his goal of getting younger drinkers to enjoy wine.


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