National CBD Rules have Moved Forward

  • Updated December 17, 2019

  • Published December 15, 2019

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National CBD Rules have Moved Forward-cbdmarket

Several companies make huge profits by adding cannabidiol to their goods. Unfortunately, nowadays, the cannabis market has been regulated only by local acts. A couple of weeks ago, the federal government began to generalize and structure CBD rules.

At the end of October, the interim rules for regulations of the hemp and cannabis products were published in the Federal Register by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). They also began regulating THC, a psychoactive ingredient in hemp, sometimes included in the CBD.

The new rules will include federal assistance to help farmers and may facilitate access to insurance and credit, which will lead to increased supply and increased funding. New requirements for manufacturers will appear: hemp samples must be delivered to DEA-certified laboratories 15 days before harvest and certified.
Thanks to the regulations of the CBD market, some misinformation about the “cure for all diseases” may disappear from marketing. The FDA already issued warnings to companies making medical claims.

Moreover, the Grocery Manufacturers Association is pushing for the FDA to issue final CBD rules instead of allowing “a maze of inconsistent, and often contradictory, state and local regulations” that can lead to a “regulatory mess.”
Money is already coming to companies working with the CBD. Altria, the parent of cigarette giant Philip Morris, has invested 1.8 billion in the cannabis company Cronos Group. Beer distributors and Arizona Iced Tea add CBD in the drinks, hoping for higher sales.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has faded into the background, and the FDA is talking about intervention. It seems that federal rules can finally come, bring standards, and provide quality control, consumer protection, and growth prospects. It would be possible to create a national marketplace for CBD.
Recall that the FDA approved the Epidolex anticonvulsant containing CBD.


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