Most Americans Know Next to Nothing About CBD Oil

  • Updated September 16, 2019

  • Published March 20, 2019

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CBD oil oklahoma

Even before legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma, there was a bunch of shops that offered CBD oil in Oklahoma City. However, recent research revealed that 61 percent of Oklahomans didn’t know what CBD oil exactly is and what features it has.

CBD is legal for sure, and while it’s being extracted from marijuana, using CBD oil is not the same as using medical marijuana.

Mashable’s research shows that 25 percent of Okies have tried CBD oil for themselves or even their pets. People use CBD oil to feel better or cure diseases. When you don’t fully understand how CBD oil works, it can lead you to waste a lot of money. That’s why experts in this area claim that the qualities of CBD products may vary.

Brian Koerber from Mashable is concerned about consumers that could suffer from supplements that are not appropriately regulated.

CBD is a chemical compound derived from both hemp plants and marijuana, but it doesn’t get you “high”.

Brian Koerber stated that last summer the FDA approved a CBD drug, so CBD has proven to be useful in some medical cases.

Still, cannabidiol should be studied further to find out how useful CBD is for different medical cases. According to Mashable, federal laws that surround marijuana create limitations that complicate further research.

Before taking CBD oil, you should discuss it with your doctor. It’s true for any food supplement, not only CBD, Brian Koerber reminds.

Mashable also shared tips for buying safe and quality CBD oil: stick to local stores or shops within the US, and don’t hesitate to find out how the company produces CBD. If they are reluctant to provide you with this information, you might want to look for another company.


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