Hemp-Infused Drinks Continue to Enter the Marketplace

Hemp-Infused Drinks Enter the Marketplace

Hemp-infused product lines are becoming mainstream, and one of the newest entrants is a drink manufactured by PepsiCo. The new drink is marketed as a healthier drink made with hemp seed oil which does not contain THC. The target market for the energy drink is younger female consumers. In the past, energy drinks were focused mostly on young men.

According to the company’s chief officer:

“For years, the beverage industry has been moving towards healthier options, using fewer chemicals and sugars and more natural ingredients, with many brands adding extra vitamins, electrolytes, protein, and antioxidants to try to appeal to the growing health-conscious consumer.”

The new drink contains hemp seed oil, lemon balm, spearmint and 80 milligrams of caffeine. That may sound like a lot of caffeine but is actually less than most energy drinks. The lower caffeine content is another selling point for younger women. This product can go a long way in helping consumers understand that hemp-based products are legal and that industrial hemp may deliver benefits. However, the beverage doesn’t contain CBD.

There is not a lot of hemp seed oil in the drink, but some people believe that the real value of this drink is the fact a major company is marketing a product with hemp seed oil. It is a way to differentiate the product but also benefits the hemp industry. There is an expectation that once the FDA regulates CBD, more major brands will buy the products of other companies and sell them under the big brand’s name.

This is an indication that hemp and CBD are entering the mainstream marketplace at a rapid rate. As people learn more facts about hemp and CBD, there is no doubt the product lines containing these kinds of ingredients will continue to grow.

Many people still confuse hemp and CBD with marijuana. When large companies manufacture hemp- and CBD-infused drinks, it will go a long way towards educating the public on what is legal and on the potential benefits of Cannabinoid compounds that are not psychoactive.


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