FDA Regulations Made This Coffee Shop Give Up On Its Top Selling CBD Oil Latte

cbd infused coffee

Food and Drug Association’s regulations prohibited a business Espresso Bay from Traverse City to sell its top products. Those items contained CBD oil and were introduced in the media.

According to the FDA, hemp is not a controlled substance anymore, so it’s legal on the federal level. However, CBD oil that is derived from hemp is still limited for selling and marketing.

The owner of Espresso Bay Dan Guy shared that people everyone who tries CBD products in his place are delighted. Their lattes with CBD oil had a huge success, and it was surprising to him that they must stop selling it even though CBD oil is a legal product.

At Grand Traverse County Health Department, they said that anything with CBD oil mustn’t be included in the food or beverages. FDA stated that CBD is different from other supplements because it’s an active component of an approved drug. The regulation prohibits CBD sellers from adding a dynamic element to food.

Dan Guy admitted that this situation was frustrating and hurt his business. The health department confessed that these limitations weren’t likely to remain forever. According to their representative, it will take some time to make a change. In the case with Espresso Bay, time is money.

The health department is looking at other places to inspect them. They want to make sure there’s not CBD in the food or drink. They also warn entrepreneurs to check laws and regulations before introducing any unusual products to the market.


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