CBD Survey: 51% of Seniors that Used CBD Stated an Improved Quality of Life

Emily Price from Forbes has shared the results of a recent CBD study by Remedy Review. The study involved 1,000 seniors 54+ years old who took CBD for improving health and wellness.

The study revealed that 51% of seniors reported improved quality of life after taking CBD. Only 31,1% of the participants considered their lives were good before taking CBD.

Seniors take CBD in different ways. The study revealed the most popular methods. 54% of the participants used drops in the mouth. 21% added drops in drinks, the same number of seniors used CBD edibles. Only 15% said they used CBD capsules, and 10% vaped/smoked CBD oils.

Among the health problems that seniors tried to solve with CBD, 42% featured inflammation, 40,9% said it was chronic pain, 38% were trying to improve their sleep quality, and almost 32% used CBD against arthritis.

CBD, which is a non-psychoactive marijuana component,  is legal across the country, so the number of people who start using it in their wellness routine is growing — including seniors.


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