CBD Research about Dosage for Cats and Dogs

  • Updated December 2, 2019

  • Published December 2, 2019

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cbd for pets

Recently, a group of scientists has presented several types of research on the effects of CBD on pet health. Specific issues should be considered in detail, according to the head of one of the pet food manufacturing companies.

The reason for the study is the insufficient research of the CBD dosage of food for dogs and cats, as the market for pet food containing CBD will continue to grow. According to Christian Kjaer, CEO of ElleVet Sciences, it is necessary to determine individual cannabinoid formulations to support specific physiological processes and compatibility with traditional methods of used treatment.

Within 12 weeks, a specialist from ElleVet Sciences and research scientists were watching how food with hemp oil influenced the behavior of domestic animals and their blood composition. The results revealed changes in cats’ behavior.

In October, Animal magazine published the information that over 12 weeks, cats showed excessive licking and head trembling, although scientists didn’t find significant changes in dogs’ results. He also noted that each animal is unique and can differently respond to CBD.

For example, for dogs with movement discomfort, one milligram of the CBD composition per kilogram twice a day is effective and safe. According to Kjaer, the dosage should be reasonable and evidence-based, as scientists have not determined a toxic dosage for animals.

Because ElleVet has tested up to 8mg/kg in dogs specifically, we see no reason to exceed the dosage that is effective in >80% of animals for increased comfort levels.

Christian Kjaer, CEO of ElleVet Sciences

According to Kjaer, not all pet foods saturated with CBD are the same. Thus, it is impossible to extrapolate the results of one study or even dosing one product to another with their various ingredients.


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