CBD Has to Be Regulated Now. Here’s Why

CBD market

The CBD market and industry is booming. Products with cannabidiol go directly to shelves, often skipping the formalities of scientific research and regulations. You can buy CBD oil, edibles, or topicals everywhere from a CVS to a mini-mart.

This nutritional supplement is used widely. But without proper FDA regulations, doctors and patients have to do a lot of guesswork looking for the right dosage. As an anonymous FDA representative shared in The New York Times, selling unproven substances causes health concerns, because many patients prefer CBD to reliable treatment methods for curing severe diseases.

Nevertheless, the CBD market keeps growing. Experts predict CBD sales in the US to reach $2 billion by 2020. Healthcare products make the most significant part of the market. CBD users treat CBD as a less dangerous alternative to traditional medicine.

The FDA is reluctant to regulate the industry as there’s not enough data on its safety. While many CBD advocates treat the substance as almost a panacea, scientists warn that CBD can’t be used in medicine successfully without regulations.

One of the few companies that invest in research is Kannalife, Inc., that sells Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug. Kannalife, Inc. has been conducting CBD research for 10+ years, achieving excellent results.

The Kannalife research is a big step towards regulating CBD: the data is used to create guidelines for making safe drugs from CBD. But bringing CBD to medicine takes more time than many people will expect, so we have to be patient, as only time will tell whether CBD is a natural panacea or just another Gold Fever of the 21st century.


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