Why You Should Keep a CBD Journal?

Why You Should Keep a CBD Journal?

People have kept journals for hundreds of years, and there is research to back up the positive benefits. When you keep a CBD journal, you enjoy psychological and physical benefits. CBD journaling gives you mental control over your CBD program, and maintaining journaling discipline serves to help you promote calm. Keeping a CBD diary is a positive emotional experience that enables you to track information like dosing, brand, potency, experience and any other information of importance.

Benefits of CBD Journaling

TLDR: Maintaining a CBD journal is a strategy for ensuring you are making an informed decision about things like the CBD brand, CBD dosage and CBD potency. The CBD diary is used to document your CBD journey and provides numerous benefits. They include promoting consistent CBD consumption, identifying the time of day that works best for you to take CBD and documenting the effects.

Benefits of CBD Journaling

The most difficult aspect of CBD journaling is maintaining recording consistency. To get the most value from the CBD diary, it is important to make an entry each time you take CBD. If that is not possible, you should establish a routine as to when you make diary entries.

For example, each evening, you could make an entry before bed. Some people write in their CBD diary every few days or weekly, but there is a greater chance you will forget some of the doses unless you follow a rigid routine as to when you make entries. Whatever routine you decide to follow, it is important to stick with it.

There are numerous benefits to faithfully keeping a CBD diary. They include the following.

  • Promotes taking CBD products consistently, so you get maximum benefits.
  • Encourages you to describe the specific effects that you feel after taking CBD.
  • Enables developing a progressive program until you reach the CBD dosing that brings the best results.
  • Can document the effects of different CBD brands to narrow the list to those that work best for you.
  • Documents the experience over time because CBD works best when taken regularly over several weeks.
  • Documents the time of day when you have the maximum experience.
  • Documents the timeline in which effects occur.
  • Helps to incorporate CBD into an overall wellness program.
  • Enables developing an honest perspective.

Many people begin taking CBD oil or other products because they have read the reviews that say it helps them to relax. The same is true of journaling. Various studies on the impact of journaling have found it can help with relaxation. For example, a study involving multiple patients found that journaling for a month led to measurable improvements in scores, promoting well-being.

In another study, people who wrote about emotional events in their journals for 20 minutes daily on only 3-5 occasions experienced multiple benefits. They included lower blood pressure and enhanced immune system functioning.

What to Record in the CBD Journal?

Writing in a CBD diary is a positive emotional event because you are taking control of your CBD regimen. A study found that positive emotional writing can help promote calm. The ultimate goal is to track progress, so you can fine-tune your CBD program, ensuring you are taking the right CBD brand, the right CBD dosage, the right dosage frequency and the right CBD potency at the right time. The following are some of the items to record in your CBD journal.

  • Date and time of day a CBD product was consumed
  • Form of CBD product, i.e., capsules, tinctures and oils, gummies, edible, etc.
  • CBD brand
  • Potency
  • Dosage
  • Timeline of effects
  • Type of effects
  • Personal comments about what you liked and did not like about the product, potency, timeline of effects, etc.

One of the nice aspects of CBD journaling is that you can adapt the journal to suit your personal preferences. You can record the minimum information or expand your entries to include anything you want to track.

How to Organize a Journal?

You can organize your CBD diary to work best for you. Each person’s journey to wellness is unique. The purpose of the journal is to encourage consistent tracking of your journey to make sure you are choosing the right CBD products to meet your particular needs. However, you want to establish a format for the entry and follow the format. This makes it much easier to see progress or lack of progress and to get the “big picture.”

People use different tools for CBD journaling.

  • Handwritten CBD diary
  • Software diary program
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Word processing document

You may use the following template to organize your CBD diary.

A Successful CBD Diary Experience

If you decide to keep a CBD journal, pursue it with intent. You should maintain a schedule, make complete entries about your CBD experience and take advantage of the opportunity to analyze the effects that you experienced.

The CBD diary can be instrumental in helping you make better decisions about CBD products and their use. As the CBD market grows and expands, making the best selection among the CBD products sold gets complicated. Your CBD journal can simplify the decision-making process.


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