How to Make CBD Butter: Easy Recipe for Beginners

How to Make CBD Butter: Easy Recipe for Beginners

While there are many amazing CBD edibles on the market today that are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth, it’s hard to find what you might call “culinary” CBD products. That’s why you might be frustrated if you’ve been looking for a place to buy CBD butter. The good news is that you can easily make your own butter at home. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to whip up some CBD butter.

What Is CBD Butter?

CBD butter is a version of butter that’s been altered to contain CBD oil. A typical mixture contains oil, water, and melted butter. Here are popular ways people use CBD butter:

  • On top of toast or muffins
  • Blended into a “bulletproof” coffee recipe
  • Over corn on the cob
  • Over steamed vegetables
  • In cake and brownie recipes
  • Mixed into keto-friendly recipes

CBD butter is considered a “healthy” way to do edibles by many people because it doesn’t contain the sugar and carbs found in many popular CBD snacks. While CBD brands that sell gummies, candies, cookies, soft drinks, and other edibles often use natural and organic ingredients to add flavor and coloring to their products, these products are still considered “treats.” Butter gives you the benefits of consuming healthy fats in a low-carb way that can be compatible with keto or low-carb diets. That means that CBD butter effects can potentially help with everything from fat burning to increased energy! The best part is that making homemade butter is extremely easy.

Simply adding a drop of CBD oil to a tub of butter will not produce “real” CBD butter. To create the effectiveness and bioavailability that people want from CBD butter, heat is needed to make sure that your CBD is infused with the fat that’s found in butter. However, you don’t want to overdo it with heat when making your own CBD butter because too much heat can actually destroy or diminish the cannabinoids that produce CBD’s effects. Our recipe will help!

CBD Butter Recipe: Easy and Healthy CBD Butter

CBD Butter Recipe: Easy and Healthy CBD Butter

This simple three-ingredient recipe for homemade CBD butter takes just minutes to prepare! Once solidified, it can be stored in your fridge the same way you store your regular store-bought butter.

This recipe makes roughly two sticks of butter (16 tablespoons). Each tablespoon-sized serving will contain roughly 1.5 milliliters of CBD. Our ultra-easy CBD butter recipe lets you change the composition of store-bought butter to make the process go quickly.

Country Kitchen CBD Butter

  • Measuring cup
  • Knife that can cut through butter
  • Small metal pan
  • Silicone butter mold (optional)
  • 2 cups of your favorite grass-fed butter
  • 1 cup of room-temperature water
  • 20 milliliters of your favorite organic CBD Oil
  1. Start by unwrapping your store-bought grass-fed butter from its packaging.
  2. Next, place it on a cutting board to chop it into sugar-cube-sized squares that are evenly sized. There’s no need for any special measurements here. You can just eyeball the cubes for size as you’re cutting them.
  3. Pour the water and CBD oil into a small pan on your stove burner.
  4. After giving the mix a slight stir, add the butter cubes.
  5. Turn the burner to the lowest heat level. You’ll now allow the mixture to gently melt for two hours. Be sure to check on the mixture occasionally to gently stir it. This two-hour period is the infusion process that will allow the CBD to merge with the fats in the butter.
  6. After two hours have passed, remove the butter from heat. If you’re using butter mold, it should be poured into your mold before it begins to solidify. If you’re using a glass dish or container, this is also the time to transfer the mixture from the metal pan to the glass dish.
  7. Allow the butter to cool until it reaches room temperature. As it cools down, you will notice that the mixture is resolidifying back into butter form. Once the butter has set, place it in the refrigerator to be used as needed!
  8. If your butter has been formed in a mold, you’ll want to place the mold in the refrigerator to chill after it reaches room temperature.
  9. Wait anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to allow the butter to chill while still in the mold. You can then pop it out to be placed in the butter dish or container of your choosing.

How to Use CBD Butter?

How to Use CBD Butter?

In our opinion, the best way to use CBD butter is generously. The fat content in butter is great for helping to increase the absorption rate you experience during digestion. That means that CBD butter can give you more potency for your buck compared to just putting a few drops of CBD into your favorite smoothie or morning oatmeal. CBD butter can be used in place of butter as a flavor enhancer or ingredient. The addition of CBD does not impact the flavor of the butter. Be sure to only use CBD butter when preparing food for personal consumption!

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to invest in a butter churner just to make CBD butter at home. While there’s no shame in whipping up your own butter from scratch, the ultra-easy recipe shared above lets you turn your favorite store-bought grass-fed butter into boutique CBD butter. Trying a CBD butter recipe can be fun whether you’re an avid baker looking for a way to infuse a little bit of extra wellness into your cookies and cakes or you want to merge healthy fats with the power of CBD. When cooking with CBD butter, be conscious of the dose per tablespoon to ensure you get the intended amount of CBD in every bite. Enjoy!


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