How Does CBD Oil Taste: Finding the Ways How to Make It Taste Better

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How Does CBD Oil Taste

According to a Gallup survey, 14 percent of Americans use CBD products. This number will trend upwards as people get more familiar with their benefits and use and as more states legalize THC which is present in some CBD products. Like any item that can be consumed, it is natural to ask, “What does CBD oil taste like?” and “What does CBD oil smell like?”

СBD Oil Taste

CBD oil that is not enhanced is described in different ways. Since CBD extract comes from the cannabis plant, it is not surprising that people describe the flavor using terms like the following.

  • Earthy
  • Leafy
  • Lightly grassy
  • Somewhat bitter or sour
  • Medicine-like
People describe the flavor using terms like the following: earthy, leafy, lightly grassy, somewhat bitter or sour, medicine-like

Hemp seed oil is made by extracting CBD from the seeds of the hemp plant. Since it comes from seeds, it is not surprising the hemp seed oil is often described as tasting nutty. CBD oil is made from all or some of the cannabis plant so has a more earthy flavor. The terpene composition in the plant contributes to the taste and smell.

CBD Oil Smell

Does CBD smell? Some CBD oils have a similar odor to marijuana, but it is usually much milder. The terpene composition of the CBD determines its scent. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in plants that give the plants their distinctive scents. The scents work to attract pollinators or keep predators away.

How CBD Oils Smell

How is CBD Oil Made?

The taste and odor of CBD oil depend on the plant profile, how the oil was made, and the type of CBD extract. CBD (cannabidiol) is found in both hemp and marijuana plants. A. Cannabis contains more than 80 biologically active compounds, of which THC and CBD are the most recognized. THC is a federally controlled substance, though some states have legalized marijuana.

The CBD that is federally legal comes from the Cannabis sativa L. plant (hemp plant) which has a concentration of THC that is 0.3 percent or less. CBD is extracted from the whole plant – flowers, stems, leaves, and stalks. The plant parts are ground up and placed in an extraction machine.

Various methods are used to extract CBD oil. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a common extraction method. Cannabis material is placed in a chamber. CO2 is pumped into the chamber at a pressure that maintains the CO2 in a liquid-like state. The CO2 absorbs the oils and flavors. It is then pumped into a separate chamber where the CO2 returns to a gas state. The oil and flavors are collected.

CO2 extraction method

Another common extraction method is ethanol extraction. High-grade ethanol (grain alcohol) is used as a solvent to separate CBD and cannabinoids from the plant.

CBD Spectrum

The CBD spectrums are a result of the extraction process.

  • CBD full spectrum – All cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds are retained during extraction and can include trace amounts of THC.
  • CBD broad spectrum – All cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds are extracted, but THC is removed.
  • CBD isolate – During the CBD extraction process, only CBD is left. All other cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds are removed.

After extraction, the impurities are filtered out which increases the potency of the CBD oil. The next step is distillation which is another filtration process to remove any impurities left and extract the CBD and cannabinoids and other compounds desired (depends on the spectrum being manufactured).

Finally, CBD oil is mixed with a carrier oil and perhaps other ingredients, depending on the product. For example, some CBD oil capsules for sleep have melatonin added.

Ways to Take CBD Oil

There are multiple ways to take CBD oil. Here you can read more about the types of CBD products.

Ways to Take CBD Oil: Chew CBD gummies

Advantage of Putting CBD Oil Under Your Tongue

A CBD tincture is CBD oil placed under the tongue. The reason it is placed under the tongue is that the CBD is absorbed faster through the mucous membranes located beneath the tongue. The CBD oil bypasses the digestive system and delivers the CBD right to the bloodstream. The CBD is usually more potent too because CBD is not diluted during the normal digestive process. It is also an ideal method for people who have trouble swallowing capsules and tablets.

Tips to Find a CBD Oil You Like or Methods for Making CBD oil Taste Better

Some people are very sensitive to taste and odors and do not like the earthy or bitter taste of CBD oil, but they do not want unflavored CBD oil either. So how to flavor CBD oil? Following are some the ways you can make CBD oil taste better.

Tips to Find a CBD Oil You Like or Methods for Making CBD oil Taste Better

1. Choose a flavored carrier oil

Mix CBD oil with a flavored carrier oil of your choice or purchase a pre-mixed CBD oil.

2. Find CBD oil with no taste

CBD isolate has little or no flavor or smell because it is 99 percent pure CBD. It does not contain terpenes which are the primary compound that gives CBD oil its flavor. Tasteless CBD oil gives you a lot of leeway as to how you use the product or what you mix it with if a specific flavor is desired.

3. Choose flavored CBD oils and tinctures

Flavored CBD oil is CBD oil pre-mixed with a flavored carrier oil and is available in many different flavors, like peppermint, orange, citrus, lemon and many more.

4. Try CBD with terpenes and essential oils

Choose full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oils which contain terpenes and plant essential oils or add essential oils to CBD isolate. All three CBD oil spectrums are also available pre-mixed with essential oils, like lavender essence and chamomile essence.

5. Combine CBD oil with food or drinks

Add CBD oil to food or drinks as an ingredient that will mask any CBD oil flavor.

6. Try CBD edibles and gummies

Consume CBD oils in different forms that are already flavored and taste good, like CBD gummies and CBD lollipops.

7. Take CBD oil capsules or tablets

Bypass the taste buds if unable to find a flavor you enjoy.

For people who have problems with odors more than flavors, try CBD oil mixed with refined coconut oil. Because of the refining process used in coconut oil no smell is detectable.

If CBD oil tastes very bitter or sour to you, try masking the flavor. What flavor masks a sour taste? The best flavor choices are raspberry, licorice and citrus flavor.

Something for Everyone

CBD oil with no flavoring agents may taste earthy, but many people prefer that taste. It is a reminder they are using a natural substance – a gift from nature. If the earthy taste is not to your liking, there are numerous options for finding a product that is pleasing to your taste and smell senses. CBD oil is a very versatile product that is now available in many forms, so you can also choose how you prefer to consume or apply the oil.




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