CBD As a Means of Increasing Life Expectancy and Activity

  • Updated December 3, 2020

  • Published December 3, 2020

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CBD as a means of increasing life expectancy and activity

Canopy Growth Corp. recently completed one of the first major studies of the CBD effects on life expectancy and found that it prolongs life and increases activity in old age — well, in worms.

Millions of people use CBD, which is why it became necessary to conduct research to determine the safety of use and long-term effects of this substance on human organisms.

As test subjects, C. Elegans worms were selected, since 60-80% of their genes are similar to human ones. The study found that CBD increased the worm’s average life span by 18% and increased activity in old age by 206%. In addition, none of the test worms died prematurely compared to the group of worms that were not given CBD.

“Instead of seeing something toxic, we see the opposite, which actually increases health parameters,” said Hunter Land, senior research director at the company that conducted the study.

The scientists also note that even in old age, adult worms behaved like young individuals.

This study is one of the first, but not the only one, since other companies are also studying or only planning to study the effects of CBD, because it is less studied than THC, according to Staci Gruber, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School who studies marijuana’s cognitive effects.

The need for further research is also dictated by the fact that CBD is taken by many older people who take other medications and have a slow metabolism. Allyn Howlett, a professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine known for her discovery of a receptor in the brain that responds to cannabinoids, also indicates the need for further research in humans, for the reason that knowledge and new data will protect people.


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