CBD for Horses

CBD for horses

Humans have shown a lot of interest in the CBD market recently, but now animals are starting to reap the benefits too. Some CBD brands have produced dog treats and pet sprays for household pets. If you own one or more horses, you may be wondering if they can benefit from regular CBD use as well.

While the CBD dosage for horses may be a bit larger than a dog or cat, you can use a CBD product as an analgesic CBD for horses. We’re going to talk more about how you can use CBD for horses and how it can provide therapeutic benefits.

CBD for Horses

As one of the active chemicals that is found in the cannabis plant, CBD contains less than 0.3 THC, making it legal all across the United States. It won’t cause psychotropic effects, so your horse won’t be confused or lethargic upon taking a daily dose. Thanks to all of the benefits that are present in CBD, you may be equipped with one more effective way to keep your horse healthy for years to come.

All mammals (including horses and humans) have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which maintains a variety of biological functions throughout the body. When these functions are not correctly balanced, some ailments and diseases can present themselves.

To keep the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS functioning at their best, supplementing with CBD is beneficial. You can see changes in mood, and immune function.

A Closer Look at the Benefits of a Daily CBD Oil Dosage for Horses

We’ve briefly covered just some of the benefits that can come from administering CBD to horses. We’re about to delve deeper into everything that you can potentially accomplish from using a high-quality CBD product for your horses.

Managing Pain

Horses tend to do a lot of running and manual labor which can lead to injuries like broken bones, fractures, sprains, and wounds on their hooves. Because of their weight, they may experience damaging pressure to their legs and feet when carrying a rider.

Horses are usually quite good at hiding their discomfort, so you might not know that a problem is even occurring. CBD has the potential to get rid of pain in the body naturally. If you’re working your horses, you might want to start with a low, daily dose.

cbd oil for horses


Horses can be very anxious under certain times of stress. If you have a horse that takes part in shows, races, or games, they may become affected in an arena setting. Your horse can experience stress away from you or in a trailer with other animals. If it happens regularly, think about using CBD more often to reduce this state.

A big warning sign to look out for is sudden changes in mood or behavior when you change their setting or situation.

Stress for animals can be very devastating to their health. They could even face death if they are always placed in stressful situations that they don’t like.

Digestive Function

Horses often experience digestive upset that presents itself as a lack of appetite, changes in bowel movements, nausea, bloating, and ulcers. While a good deal of research has been done on the positive effects of CBD on human digestion, not a lot of scientific studies have focused on horses and the regular use of CBD for digestion.

There are plenty of benefits that have been confirmed for humans, which would lead us to believe that there is an excellent potential for CBD to help horses with any stomach or intestinal issues that they may be having. Decreasing these issues in the digestive tract alone can have a significant impact on the overall health of a horse.


A horse is a magnificent and robust animal. Depending on where they live and what their daily activities are, they often undergo quite a lot of physical demands each day. This can cause their joints to experience problems. They may feel stressed from being put through a lot of work.

Giving CBD oil to horses can make a big difference in their overall well being. Using a natural method of treatment like CBD oil for horses can help keep your horse calm and healthy. While there may still be some disagreement about the use of CBD, the evidence of this being a safe and effective supplement is present.


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