Benefits of CBD Oil for Detox

Benefits of CBD Oil for Detox

Does CBD detox your body? It helps with detoxification by addressing some of the reasons that toxins in the body develop like stress and inflammation causing oxidative stress. There are a variety of CBD products that promote a reduction in oxidative stress, the source of many health problems and diseases, and also promote general wellbeing.

Unlike many detox products, CBD is all natural. CBD products do not contain dangerous cleansing ingredients that can potentially cause health problems. Though more research is needed, there is a growing body of knowledge that has found CBD could be a major contributor to the antioxidant power that you need to stay healthy.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Detox

TLDR: Detoxification, the flushing of toxins in the body, is a popular practice. Many detox products are not safe to use because they contain harsh ingredients. One of the many CBD detox benefits is that CBD is all-natural and blended with all-natural ingredients that may reduce contributors to toxin buildup in the body like stress and poor sleep. CBD is safe, and research is showing it may promote general well-being in several ways.

What is Detoxification?

When you hear the word detoxification, do you think first of drug and alcohol recovery? Detoxification is a broad term that refers to naturally removing toxic substances from anything living, especially humans. Yet, there is more to detoxication than simply removing harmful toxins and chemicals. Your emotional and mental wellbeing also influences the generation of harmful toxins and the ability of your body to remove them.

For example, a high level of chronic stress can lead to several toxic results. Following are a few stress clinical studies and literature reviews demonstrating how stress produces toxins.

1. Can Cause Liver Damage

A review of medical studies on liver injury caused by stress found stress interrupts the immune system which triggers liver inflammation. Two contributors to this process due to stress include an over-production of stress hormones and activation of the nerves in the fight-or-flight response.

2. Increases Production of Free Radicals

Stress generates free radicals which lead to oxidative injury. Numerous studies have found that free radicals are the underlying cause of the development of many age-related diseases like cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases.

3. Disrupts Sleep

A high-stress level often makes it impossible to get a good night’s sleep. It is a vicious cycle. Stress disrupts sleep which then triggers the stress response. The elevated stress response then increases cortisol production (stress hormone) which then negatively impacts sleep even more.

4. Can Increase Pain Sensitivity

Several studies have found that people who feel stressed are more sensitive to pain. It is due to stress causing an imbalance in the central nervous system.

These are just a few ways stress changes your mental and physical wellbeing. Reducing stress is important to maintaining good health, and CBD detoxification can help.

Some other typical natural ingredients that help with detox include lavender, eucalyptus and ginger.

Can CBD Help to Detox?

Does CBD detox your body? CBD can promote feelings of relaxation which reduces your stress and anxiety level. Reducing stress and anxiety and getting enough sleep to assist the body with minimizing the development of toxic hormones and free radicals are important strategies for detoxification. In one study alone, participants reported detox benefits from taking CBD because it:

  • Reduced stress – 37%
  • Improved sleep – 42.5%
  • Improved general health and wellbeing – 37%

It is believed that CBD may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Increasing antioxidants and reducing inflammation is a form of natural detoxification.

Is CBD good for your liver? People who have not already incurred liver damage may find that CBD could contribute to maintaining a healthy liver. Some studies have found that CBD may be good for the liver even if the liver is damaged due to an unhealthy lifestyle. In a 2021 study, CBD was found to have antioxidant properties and relieved some liver injuries caused by alcohol abuse and a high-fat diet.

How to Detox with CBD?

What is CBD detox? It is not one thing. It could be using different CBD products that promote relaxation and stress reduction, like consuming CBD gummies combined with CBD bath bombs. The products that are specifically designed to help you detox also have a blend of other ingredients that are known to support detoxification efforts by serving as antioxidants or by reducing feelings of stress.

For example, apple cider vinegar has been found to positively affect cardiovascular risk factors. It has been found to reduce oxidative stress. Apple cider vinegar also has antimicrobial properties per clinical research. By adding apple cider vinegar to CBD in a gummy, you get double the antioxidant power.

Some other typical natural ingredients that help with detox include lavender, eucalyptus and ginger, to name a few.

Most of the time, CBD is used for the positive effects it delivers, but there could be times you want to flush it out even though it is not psychoactive. If you want to take CBD for detox purposes and know how to flush CBD out of your system to fully detox, just drink a lot of water and exercise to increase sweating. For example, you may want to make sure it does not show up on a drug test (which it should not). The more CBD you take and the longer you take it, the more likely it will build up in your body’s systems.

CBD Detox Product Reviews

The following CBD products are suggestions for those who want to know how to detox with CBD in different ways.

1. Pure Spectrum CBD Detox Bath Soaks

Pure Spectrum, Detox Ginger Bath Soak, 8oz, 25mg CBD

The Pure Spectrum, Detox Ginger Batch Soak is a product developed to help people restore calm and recover from stress. It also provides soothing skin benefits.

  • CBD isolate
  • THC free
  • Contains ginger essential oil, a natural antioxidant
  • Contains magnesium sulfate for muscle and joint relaxation
  • 12.5 mg per bath soak or 3.13 mg per 1-ounce
  • Opens skin pores and offers natural antioxidant properties
  • CO2 hemp extraction process
  • GMO-free
  • USA-grown organic hemp

2. CBDfx CBD Bath Bombs

CBDfx, CBD Bath Bomb – Recharge, Eucalyptus, Isolate THC-Free, 200mg CBD

The CBDfx CBD Bath Bomb was carefully formulated to help people feel less stressed. This is a CBD detox bath bomb that contains a variety of ingredients that are known to deliver calming effects during a peaceful soak in the tub.

  • CBD isolate
  • THC free
  • The package contains 200 mg of CBD
  • Two different bombs – a soothing and recharge bomb
  • The soothing bomb contains lavender essential oil and Hawaiian Black Salt
  • The soothing bomb has a lavender scent
  • Recharge bomb contains eucalyptus and spearmint fragrances
  • Recharge bomb contains peppermint and arnica essential oils
  • Softens skin and relaxes sore muscles and joints
  • Promotes good sleep
  • Organic hemp
  • No dyes in the product
  • Vegan
  • CO2 hemp extraction process

3. CBDfx CBD Foot Cream

CBDfx, CBD Foot Cream, Lavender, Broad Spectrum THC-Free, 1.7oz, 500mg CBD

The CBDfx foot cream relieves tired, sore feet and dry skin.

  • CBD broad spectrum
  • THC free
  • The package contains 500 mg of CBD
  • Contains lavender oil, tea tree oil, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and oregano oil
  • Contains shea butter which nourishes and softens skin
  • Non-GMO
  • 100 percent organic
  • CO2 CBD extraction

4. CBDfx CBD Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar

CBDfx, CBD Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar offer a proprietary blend of ingredients that are carefully balanced to promote detox health benefits, increased energy and immune system support. CBD detox gummies

  • CBD broad spectrum
  • THC-free
  • 25 mg of CBD hemp per gummy
  • 50 mg of CBD per serving with two gummy serving size
  • Contains organic apple cider vinegar
  • Contains organic pomegranate, 1.2 mcg of vitamin B12 and 1 mg of magnesium
  • Contains organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar
  • Pectin thickener
  • Organic hemp
  • Independent lab analysis

CBD Delivers Natural Detoxification

Does CBD help with detox? CBD helps with detox in numerous ways. It promotes relaxation so the feelings of stress are reduced, supports the immune system per multiple research studies and may improve sleep. There are many strategies for reducing feelings of stress, including using CBD foot rubs and bath bombs or taking CBD gummies. High-quality products are available today that you can take advantage of to promote the well-being you need to control toxin buildup in your body.



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