A New CBD Study Investigates the CBD Bioavailability in Dogs

CBD delivery method approaches 100% bioavailability in dogs

Innocan, a leader in CBD research, recently conducted a study in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to investigate the bioavailability of CBD in dogs. The Israeli pharmaceutical tech company used Liposome Platform Technology (LPT) to measure the bioavailability of CBD administered to dogs experiencing discomfort. The results found that bioavailability was almost 100 percent.

The CBD was delivered via an injection into the fat layer under the dog’s skin. The 100 percent bioavailability is a remarkable discovery when compared to the average bioavailability of 6.5-2.0 percent in humans when CBD is taken orally. CBD consumed orally must go through first-pass metabolism (digestive system). This means much of the CBD is metabolized in the body before it reaches the bloodstream where it can deliver the most benefits throughout the body.

The liposomal delivery system is a system in which an active ingredient in a drug formula is encased in particles similar to fat. Innocan has been working on perfecting the LPT delivery system through experiments involving animals. The CEO of Hebrew University Professor Chezy Barenholz said,

“One of the challenges with CBD treatments is its pharmacokinetic profile after oral administration that is characterized by low bioavailability and fast elimination. Our preliminary data show that we may overcome these major obstacles using the LPT technology and this is very encouraging.”

The goal is to develop a CBD delivery system that increases CBD bioavailability so that more CBD reaches the bloodstream. By making it to the bloodstream, the CBD is then transported throughout the body. This would enable a more effective and longer therapeutic effect for people experiencing various health conditions.

Innocan is also beginning clinical trials for new drug delivery systems. This is exciting news because the results of various clinical studies involving drug delivery systems can lead to a perfected system that works with a variety of drugs and CBD. Increasing CBD bioavailability will enable more people to take better advantage of the benefits that numerous research projects have demonstrated cannabinoids can deliver. The evidence is mounting that CBD is a powerful natural ingredient that is safe and effective for addressing wellbeing.


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