Study Suggests Exercise Performance Increases With Oral CBD Usage

  • Updated September 1, 2022

  • Published September 1, 2022

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Study Suggests Exercise Performance Increases with Oral CBD

A recent controlled study investigated the effects of 300 mg of CBD on the psychological and physiological responses in males who participate in endurance training. The study was undertaken because previous studies have suggested an athlete would have to take a very high CBD dose of 3001500 mg to experience reductions in mood levels.

Does an acute (one-time) dose of CBD at a lower amount work? That was the question the study wanted to possibly answer. A typical CBD dose taken orally is 2-40 mg. The study gave the study participants 300 mg of CBD, the lowest level of a high dose.

People who do endurance exercise experience elevated plasma AEA concentration. AEG is a cannabinoid produced naturally in the body. It is a known analgesic. During endurance exercises, the body increases biomarkers that indicate there has been muscle and gastrointestinal damage. Oral CBD reduced serum concentrations (biomarkers). It also increased the amount of oxygen absorbed and used while exercising.

All was not good news. The high oral CBD dosage seemed to increase muscle damage. Muscle damage is a normal effect of exercise. However, the CBD did improve the level of pleasure based on athlete responses. The effect occurred within the first 40 minutes of exercise before the runner reached the maximum effort. It is believed that is because CBD acts on the endocannabinoid receptors that regulate mood.

The study authors concluded,

“CBD appears to alter some key physiological and psychological responses to aerobic exercise without impairing performance. Larger studies are required to confirm and better understand these preliminary findings.”

Professional athletes perform under strict rules concerning the use of performance-enhancing drugs. CBD is a natural cannabinoid, making it a possible exercise performance enhancer that works naturally in the body. For people who frequently go to the gym or are active in sports, CBD may increase energy by increasing oxygen levels and support relief. This could be particularly of interest to people of all ages. This is yet another controlled study demonstrating the potential benefits of taking CBD.


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