How CBD Helps this Patient with Multiple Sclerosis

Nikki Chouinard has lost her job as a dental hygienist because of multiple sclerosis that gave her horrible tremor and pain. She has been suffering from it for 20 years, failing to find effective medicine to help her.

Multiple sclerosis damages brain nerve cells causing the body to attack its immune system. Nikki admitted that her condition was horrible and described one of the episodes that affected her entire body. She had to stay in the hospital for weeks to recover as she temporarily lost her ability to walk and poorly remembered what was happening to her.

Her doctor prescribed her various medicines to reduce pain, including opioids. Nikki said she still experienced the symptoms, so she turned to CBD oil for help, and that changed a lot.

Nikki confessed that her tremor reduces and she almost stopped dropping things. After a few weeks of CBD, her back pain decreased as well, and walking became so much easier.

Jim Harrington from Your CBD Store who helped Nikki get started with CBD commented that CBD relaxes the body producing no high effect. He admitted that he was proud to help people like Nikki to feel better.

The Farm bill that came into force at Q1 of 2019 made cultivating and selling CBD hemp legal. The FDA is still developing CBD regulations, trying to solve this problem in the next two years.


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