Encouraging More Clinical Research on CBD for Pets

Encouraging More Clinical Research on CBD for Pets

Despite the clinical research conducted to date on CBD for pets, many areas still need significantly more research to answer pet owner questions about the benefits of giving dogs and cats the cannabinoid. They include the efficacy of CBD in addressing common pet health issues and the potential impact on the animal’s system.

A growing body of scientific studies has found that CBD may deliver various benefits. It may reduce calm separation fear and soothe irritated skin, to name a few potential benefits. Studies have also been concerning the risks of giving CBD to dogs and cats. Like people, some animals have experienced side effects, including gastrointestinal upset and elevated liver enzymes. The issue is that more research is needed in areas like the ideal CBD dosage for various pet health conditions and wellness based on the animal’s characteristics, such as weight.

There is also a need for more studies on the best CBD product form. Like humans, CBD edibles for pets must go through first-pass metabolism. The CBD is metabolized in the liver during digestion, which reduces the CBD concentration in the bloodstream. Is it better to give dogs and cats capsules or oil? Are CBD treats or oils the best delivery method for pets?

These are the kinds of questions that researchers should consider for further studies. As the authors wrote in their review of the current status of research on CBD for pets of Pet Age,

“The future appears bright, but pet CBD research has just scratched the surface. Despite the continuous barrage of freshly-published studies on the potential benefits to pets, little is truly known about the potential safety and risks associated with CBD supplementation.”

The authors point out that a recent survey found that 50% of pet owners are giving their pets CBD, and 38% did so because of a veterinarian recommendation. There needs to be research on dosage, product quality, and the effects of different CBD spectrums. The recommendation is for companies to provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each CBD product designed for pets. Pet owners need to know precisely what they give their dogs or cats. Pets are family members, and addressing their health and wellness requires most safety is important.


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