CBD Day Is A New National Holiday

CBD Day Is A New National Holiday

How this holiday appeared and why it is important — read below.

CBD has gained incredible popularity recently among people, the media, the authorities, and the medical industry. Now it is such a well-known product that it has even been assigned its own day — the CBD Day, celebrated annually on the 8th of August.

What is the CBD Day and What is its Origin?

National CBD Day is a fairly new holiday that should not be confused with International Cannabis Day, which is celebrated on the 2d of April, and Marijuana Day, which is celebrated on the 20th of the same month.  

The holiday was brainchild by cbdMD, operating in North Carolina. 

How the CBD Day is Celebrated

On this day, manufacturers, sellers and enthusiasts use every opportunity to inform regular and potential users about CBD and the products in which it is contained. All activities can be divided into two large groups.

1. Educational sphere

Supporters of CBD distribute proven and reliable information about CBD, its properties, and its benefits. Lectures, seminars and social media campaigns are held to convey useful information and educate the public. It is done to eliminate misunderstandings, and confusion about CBD and remove taboos from this topic, to debunk myths. Manufacturers, sellers and just interested people help solve various problems related to the CBD industry and answer questions that have arisen regarding the theme. Media coverage and interest in the topic can serve as a motivator for conducting new research regarding the benefits of CBD.

2. Commercial sphere

CBD Day is famous for the best offers regarding the reduction of the CBD products cost. CBD stores offer favorable coupons on products from various manufacturers so that everyone can try something more affordable than usual and understand from their own experience what exactly suits them and what problems they will be able to cope with using CBD products.

The CBD Day may not yet have such a rich history as 4/20. That is why the primary goal of the holiday is to raise people’s awareness of this issue.

Note: Before celebrating CBD Day, read the state laws and make sure that it is legal in the area where you are located.


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