Why Can’t You Buy High-Quality CBD Oil on Amazon?

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Buyer Education: Why Can't You Buy High-Quality CBD Oil on Amazon?

Wouldn’t it just be easiest to buy CBD oil on Amazon? Yes, there is a big convenience factor to looking for “CBD for sale” Amazon listings. However, that convenience often comes at a great cost. There are some big questions to ask about what CBD supplement Amazon sellers offer. First, it’s important to start with the big questions about Amazon and CBD. Can you buy CBD oil on Amazon? Let’s explore what buying CBD on Amazon really looks like.

Amazon’s Policy Regarding CBD Oil Products

Does Amazon sell CBD oil? Amazon has a very specific policy regarding the sale of CBD on its platform. That policy is that CBD sales are not allowed. The rationale behind the decision is that all products offered for sale on Amazon.com must be in compliance with laws and regulations. As a result, Amazon bans the sale of supplements that contain controlled substances on its platform.

What’s more, Amazon goes as far as to name cannabidiol (CBD) specifically as a Schedule I controlled substance within its guidelines for sellers.

Products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a Schedule I Controlled Substance, including but not limited to: Rich Hemp Oil containing cannabidiol (CBD).

The twist is that you may still be able to find plenty of CBD on Amazon due to the platform’s inability to keep up with quality-control measures. Where does all of this leave buyers? Take a look at what to know before you head to Amazon to buy CBD.

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil

CBD is technically banned on Amazon. However, some sellers find a workaround by simply creating CBD “hemp oil” Amazon listings. While CBD oil happens to be extracted from hemp, hemp does not come with the same legal restrictions as CBD oil.

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil: Main Differences

Selling hemp oil on Amazon is permitted because hemp seed oil is not on the list of Schedule I controlled substances. Many companies selling hemp and CBD products simply use “hemp seed oil” as a catch-all phrase for a number of products. Unfortunately, that means that there’s a great deal of ambiguity regarding exactly what you’re purchasing when you buy something called “hemp seed oil” on Amazon.

Why Buying CBD Oil on Amazon Is a Bad Idea?

Bound by the rules for Amazon listings, sellers avoid accurately and fully describing what they are selling when attempting to “unlawfully” sell CBD oil. That means you really never know what you’re getting! It’s very easy for Amazon sellers to use all of the ambiguity and lack of clarity associated with buying and selling CBD on Amazon to offer inferior products. Buyers are commonly disappointed after receiving dishonest products.

Why doesn’t Amazon sell vapes?

It’s also important to keep the same mindset when buying vapes on Amazon. The platform technically does not allow the sale of vapes.

  1. First, Amazon finds age verification for tobacco and vape products too difficult to enforce.
  2. Second, Amazon categorizes vape accessories as drug paraphernalia. Yes, some sellers do try to get around these restrictions by using vague listings. As a buyer, you’re running into the same quality-control issues that are present with CBD oils on Amazon.

How to Buy CBD Oil From a Trusted CBD Online Store?

Amazon is the giant of online shopping for almost every product under the sun. However, it loses its title when it comes to buying CBD online. There’s really no need to resort to purchasing dubious, unverified CBD from Amazon when so many trusted, established CBD online stores like CBD.market offer premium products that can be sold legally and transparently.

Reputable CBD stores sell clearly marked CBD products from established, recognized CBD brands. All product information regarding the contents and sizes of products should be clearly displayed in listings. What’s more, a reputable retailer typically offers a wide variety of CBD products that range from oil tinctures to capsules, and edibles. Customers should also look for quality guarantees and return options.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Amazon CBD

Can you buy CBD oil on Amazon with confidence? There’s just no reason to try to navigate confusing, potentially fraudulent CBD listings on Amazon when there are so many fully legal, high-quality retailers online. Being shipped inferior, low-potency products is bad enough. However, “CBD for sale” Amazon sellers can also potentially sell you dangerous or unidentifiable substances that can place you in harm’s way. Buying from a trusted CBD retailer gives you access to a huge selection of CBD products that can be picked with confidence! The bottom line? Do CBD the right way by purchasing from an honest seller without any secrets.


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