CBD Patches: The User’s Guide

CBD Patches: The User's Guide

The way you look at CBD can change forever once you learn that you can tap into the benefits of this wellness aid using patches. In fact, many people seeking sustained CBD patches ultimately find that this is the most optimal solution. The search for CBD patches is far from a one-size-fits-all journey. Let’s talk about how to find a patch that delivers what you need.

What Are CBD Patches?

A CBD patch is a transdermal delivery method for CBD oil. At first glance, it doesn’t look much different from a nicotine patch or motion-sickness patch. It actually works in pretty much the same way as those popular products. You simply stick a CBD patch to a venous area on your body. For most, this means the arms or inner wrist area. One side of a patch contains CBD with a special adhesive that ensures your patch stays in place. The other side typically has a smooth surface.

How Do CBD Patches Work?

Let’s discuss how CBD patches work. They must be placed on the skin to work. Your body heat activates these patches to release controlled amounts of CBD through your skin. CBD released from a patch is slowly absorbed into your bloodstream after penetrating your skin via heat activation. Next, the CBD that is absorbed travels through your entire circulatory system.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Patches?

Many people who don’t enjoy taking CBD oil orally enjoy and appreciate CBD patches. In addition, a patch can be a great option if you’re looking for a way to discreetly enjoy CBD benefits without the need to pull out a tincture, pill bottle, or vape pen when you’re at work or home. Many also like the way that patches are so easy to use without much thought. You can simply slap one on before going about your day.

Of course, one of the big reasons why CBD patches are so popular is that many people find that they enjoy the sustained, consistent delivery that’s offered by this option. Many people also find that patches are simply more potent due to the fact that CBD delivered via a patch is able to bypass your digestive tract to reduce the speed at which the body breaks down your CBD content. It’s almost like you’re getting a CBD infusion directly into your bloodstream with a CBD patch. Lastly, some people really appreciate the fact that a CBD patch “does the thinking” for them in terms of dosage. Patch fans enjoy that they’re getting precise dosages designed to create long-lasting, sustained results.

How to Use CBD Patches?

You should have no trouble applying a CBD patch if you’ve ever worn a bandage! It’s really as simple as peeling and sticking. The key to effectively wearing a patch is to choose an area of your body where you know that capillaries and blood vessels are relatively close to the surface. This often means a spot where you can see your veins just below the surface of the skin. For most patch wearers, this means the wrists, upper arms, shoulders, or back of the neck. It’s perfectly fine to cover your CBD patch with clothing. However, it’s not recommended that you cover your patch with anything else or apply heat.

CBD Patches For Relief and Relaxation

  1. Level Select CBD Patches, 480mg CBD
  2. Purekana CBD Sleep Patch, 25mg CBD

1. Level Select CBD, LVL 3 Sport Recovery CBD Patch

Hemp Bombs Sleep CBD Patches

CBD Potency

60 mg of CBD per patch

Wear Time

Extended wear


$25.60 (8 patches per pack)


These isolate TCH-free patches deliver 60 milligrams of CBD per serving. Each patch is designed to deliver CBD directly to the bloodstream and promote wellness and overall well-being. The formula is enriched with CBD, natural menthol, and camphor for cooling relief and warmth, organic aloe vera, and lemongrass essential oil. This combination targets discomfort and supports the body’s healing processes and skin health.

These CBD Patches are easy to apply and can be worn under clothes for discreet use. If you generally experience problems when removing patches, try soaking the patch off with warm water. You may also apply oil to break down the adhesive and make removing it easier. 

2. Purekana CBD Sleep Patch + Melatonin

Hemp Bombs Hangover CBD Patches

CBD Potency

25 mg of CBD per patch

Wear Time

Apply the patch around 30 minutes before bedtime to achieve the desired effects


$7.99 (1 patch)


Designed to help you drift off easily, these sleep patches deliver 25 milligrams of CBD per serving. You’re also getting 8 grams of melatonin baked into each patch to optimize sleep support. The patch also provides the user with melatonin, chamomile, and lavender. This combination of natural compounds is ideal for helping you drift off soundly at night.

This is a broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD product. For best results, apply it to an area of ‘soft skin,’ which means fleshy areas without too much bone or muscle. The abdomen, the inside of the arm, and the lower back are great areas to apply the patch.


CBD patches without THC are quickly becoming one of the most popular CBD options for people looking for wellness support, sleep support, and more. CBD patches for relief offer an obvious choice if you’re looking for a way to enjoy sustained CBD benefits without the need to “refuel” with pills or oils. How many of today’s top CBD manufacturers infuse so many natural ingredients and supplements into patches means that the possibilities for feeling amazing are limitless.


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  1. Helen Willis

    Using CBD patches made me feel such a relief. If you’ve got *********, you should try it.

  2. Cynthia B.

    Patches and topicals work wonders for **** relief after intense gym sessions. I use them after my leg workouts to relieve post-workout ****.

    • Maryann Hamilton

      Really? As for me, patches don’t do anything after workouts. I take oils instead, I think they work better.


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