CBD for Menstrual Cramps

Almost every woman has menstrual cramps at some point in life, states Women’s Health Magazine. It’s merely a part of your cycle. However, these pains aren’t just small inconveniences. Some women describe debilitating cramps that can last a week or longer.

Pain medications are the go-to products, but there might be an alternative. CBD for menstrual pain is slowly emerging as a viable choice for women. Familiarize yourself with this product so that you can reap the rewards next month.

Revealing the Science Behind Cramps

Think of the uterus as a considerable muscle. During menstruation, the uterus contracts to shed its lining reports the Mayo Clinic. It’s the uterine contractions that can cause a lot of cramping pain.

Hormones are mostly to blame for either manageable or painful cramps. A woman with a lot of prostaglandins, for example, will usually have extremely severe cramps each month. Your hormonal level is based on heredity and environmental factors.

Easing these pains is the goal. CBD oil for menstrual pain has been brought up as a viable way to stay comfortable during the menstrual cycle.

Learning About CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Other substances involve psychoactive compounds, such as famous THC, but CBD isn’t a stimulant that produces a high. CBD is merely associated with a calming effect that also encourages pain abatement.

Current research suggests that CBD influences the endocannabinoid system found in the human body states Medical News Today. CBD for menstrual cramps works because its influence tells the body’s receptors to stand down when it comes to pain reactions. The cramps may not disappear entirely, but a noticeable relaxation is part of the CBD’s effects.

Understanding the Various CBD Products for Menstrual Cramps

There are several different CBD menstrual pain products on the market for your convenience, including:

  • Suppositories
  • Tinctures
  • Bath salts

Women typically use CBD suppositories for menstrual cramps nighttime applications, suggests Bustle.

The CBD enters the vaginal tissue so that it can target the cramps at the source. A more widely used product is the tincture or oil. Use it topically or orally as desired. This product is also easy to find through online vendors.

Bath salts may be the least effective of the CBD products, but the substance is combined with comforting bathwater. A warm bath with CBD in the suds works for some women.

cbd and menstrual cycle

Exploring Application Strategies

Many women note that CBD and menstrual cycle applications will differ in efficacy. A sublingual use requires the CBD to move throughout your body. The cramps may not be relaxed for an hour, for example.

Suppositories are more target driven against cramps. It’s not advisable to apply a CBD tincture within the genital area, however. Tinctures may be too strong for the delicate tissues.

Consider CBD-oil applications on the abdomen where the cramps seem to radiate. This topical strategy can improve your pain levels.

Enjoying CBD’s Benefits for Pain Management

For women who want a full-body solution, CBD oil menstrual cramps complement each other. After placing the oil under the tongue, the CBD enters your system and calms your receptors. Cramps, headaches, and other issues may abate, reports BuzzFeed.

Remember that you must continually take the CBD to reap the benefits. When you’re looking to soothe your menstrual cycle, take CBD before and during your period. The cramps should be much more manageable than before.

Dosing the CBD

When you’re matching together menstrual cramps CBD, the dosage amount is critical to the final result. Suppositories are simple to dose because they come in pre-formed products.

Turning to tinctures means that determining dosage is required.

Most products come with a dropper that may or may not be graduated. Follow the product’s instructions for dosing. Each product has a unique concentration of CBD. Always start with a low dose and work your way upward.

Remember that your cramps may not entirely disappear. CBD calms them, but it isn’t a cure for any chronic ailment.

cbd oil menstrual cramps
The variant of CBD tincture dosage

Determining the Side Effects in Individual Women

Does CBD affect menstrual cycle patterns in women? Currently, the answer is a resounding no. Your cycle will flow like normal because the CBD doesn’t influence your hormones. It merely calms your pain perception.

There are side effects to CBD that should be mentioned, however. Consider these effects as you pick out a menstrual-cramp solution, such as:

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Medication interaction

Some women experience no side effects at all. Trying the product is the only way to see how you’ll react.

Finding the Best Products

A quality product to treat your cramps isn’t challenging to find when you know what to look out for in the marketplace. Look for products using safe extraction processes. You want pure ingredients in CBD oil for menstrual cramps.

The best products use a third party as a testing site. A certificate of analysis attached to a given product will tell you about every compound within the mixture. Choose tinctures with almost no THC. You want the CBD as the main ingredient.

CBD suppositories tend to have THC, but their psychoactive properties cannot come to life. It never enters your nervous system.

Discover your CBD oil at CBD.market today. These products come from quality manufacturers with certificates of analysis available for your perusal. Trying CBD for menstrual cramps is an excellent way to relieve your pain. Experience it for yourself.

By Alex Malkin

Alex Malkin is chief editor at CBD Market, has extensive knowledge of CBD and cannabinoids. Professional expert on healthy living and nutritional food supplementation.


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