Kimberly Langdon M.D.

Extensive knowledge in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Expert in many subject matters including STDs, contraception options, infertility issues, menstrual disorders and more.

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Dr. Kimberly Langdon

Kimberly Langdon M.D. has 19-years of clinical experience within the obstetrics/gynecology field. She earned her degree from Ohio State University College of Medicine, completing her OB/GYN residency program at Ohio State University Medical Center. Her senior research project earned her first-place accreditation. She placed 98th percentile among other residents in the OB/GYN field; students that were all across the U.S. Langdon has since retired from her position in the OB/GYN field, but her passion is still very much with her. She still cares deeply for the community that she lives in. Langdon keeps up with current developments in the medical field as well as regarding natural supplements, prescription medication, treatments, surgeries, etc.

During her professional career, Langdon researched and specialized in a number of different gynecologic diseases and conditions that included menstrual disorders, infertility, vaginitis, menopause, contraception options, pain in the pelvic region, sexually transmitted infections, and diseases as well as minimally invasive surgeries. Having seen many patients over the course of her career, she developed a very good reputation for herself. She showed great care and compassion to every patient that she encountered during the day-to-day duties of her job. She currently spends much of her time keeping up-to-date on the current trends and developments within the gynecologic field of work. She has a keen interest in women’s health topics and eating disorders. She has become quite educated on the topic of cannabinoids and how they can benefit women in a multitude of ways. This is achieved often through balancing a woman’s body from a hormonal standpoint. While she is no longer seeing patients, she is helping the medical and natural living community as much as possible.