CBD Dog Chews — a Useful Treat for Your Pet

  • Updated November 5, 2019

  • Published February 7, 2019

CBD Dog Treats

Dog owners love giving their furry friends treats, and one of the fastest-growing product lines is pet CBD treats. Brightfield Group CBD market research found that people spent $426 million in 2020 on pet CBD, and 28 percent of people with pets report giving them a CBD product.

Pet owners will go to great lengths to ensure that their pet is happy and healthy. The holistic pet market is booming with all kinds of products available to help with a variety of health issues in pets. CBD-infused dog treats are popular when it comes to dealing with persistent discomfort and other conditions. What began as a popular option for adults has now become a safe and effective way for pet owners to help their dogs feel better.

Thanks to the wide variety of health benefits that come from a CBD regimen, dog’s lives are improving worldwide.

How Does CBD Help Your Dog? 

CBD is found within the Сannabis plant. High-quality CBD is added to each product, and different flavoring will make it better for your dog to enjoy.

It doesn’t take long for CBD to begin working. CBD mainly acts on the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoid receptors are located in your dog’s brain and nervous system, which impacts major internal organs and the immune system. CBD acts on these receptors which result in relaxing the body and boosting the signal.

CBD can be an effective way to improve your pet’s response to various stimuli, especially when CBD is combined with other calming products as part of a behavior modification plan instituted by your veterinarian.

When utilizing treats for positive reinforcement in behavior training, using CBD treats may help your pet’s focus by keeping them calm.

CBD dog treats can be used to boost your pet’s appetite. There are numerous reasons why your dog might not want to eat, including dental disease, being a picky eater, having signs of illness like vomiting or diarrhea. CBD can help motivate your pet to eat, and it can also help prescription appetite stimulants work faster.

CBD Dog Chews and Treats Bioavailability

There is very little formal research on CBD bioavailability of CBD dog treats. One study compared the metabolism in a dog, human and rat and found similarities.

Another study found that CBD administered via IV and oral doses to dogs was not detectable in dog blood in half of the animals after the body processed the CBD. In the other half of dogs, the oral bioavailability was measured at 13-19 percent. Since dogs have a similar digestion system and metabolism to humans, the low bioavailability of orally-administered CBD is likely the result of the first pass effect. The longer CBD takes to reach the bloodstream, the less CBD is absorbed.

In a third study, cannabidiol (CBD) was administered to healthy dogs in three different ways in two different dosages. The formulations were CBD-infused oil, microencapsulated oil beads and CBD-infused transdermal cream. The CBD-oil-infused formulation and oil beads had the highest bioavailability. However, once again, oral absorption of CBD was low.

To summarize, research is finding the bioavailability of CBD dog treats is low. CBD administered by mouth is processed by the liver which reduces the amount of CBD circulating in the bloodstream. Half of the CBD in the bloodstream is gone within four hours, per veterinarian and associate professor Derinda Blakeney at Oklahoma State University. However, the CBD flowing in the bloodstream for four hours or more is delivering the benefits of CBD treats for dogs.

What’s the Bottom Line?

CBD’s many effects on the body are helpful for us and for our pets. It can help with relaxation and help alleviate releif. CBD administration is easiest when available in the form of a treat. Ask your veterinarian for more information on how you can help your pet with a high-quality CBD treat!


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