Can You Take Multiple CBD Products at the Same Time?

  • Updated December 12, 2022

  • Published December 12, 2022

Can You Take Multiple CBD Products at the Same Time?

More people are discovering the benefits of different kinds of CBD products because a growing number of studies are reporting they may deliver therapeutic advantages like improving sleep. CBD is non-psychoactive, well-tolerated with mild or no side effects and not addictive. Researchers are finding that people have a tolerance for CBD up to 1,500 mg daily, an unusually large amount compared to what most people take. This naturally leads to questions like, “Can you take CBD oil and gummies together?” and “Can you overdose on CBD gummies?”

TLDR: You can take multiple CBD products simultaneously, like CBD oil or gummies. You can also alternate products throughout the day. Some things to consider are the potency, spectrum and bioavailability of each product and the reason for taking each product. There is no definitive evidence that adults can overdose on CBD, so the ideal CBD milligrams of combined products depend on your effects at different dosages.

What is a Safe Dosage of CBD?

CBD is a focus of ongoing research because it has great potential to address various health issues. The review of scientific research reported in 2020 found that CBD is safe. There were 362 CBD studies reviewed, and people taking 900 mg and 1000 mg daily experienced no or mild side effects.

CBD is believed to promote good health as an antioxidant and neuroprotector. A 2017 review of CBD research studies found that CBD doses of up to 1500 mg per day were well tolerated.

Recently, a study at the University of Sydney reported that CBD is safe at doses of up to 6,000 mg daily. This study specifically focused on whether higher doses positively affect people to improve the quality of their lives. Mounting clinical research finds CBD safe, even at very high doses. However, each person responds to CBD differently because weight and CBD product potency influence the CBD effects. Most people would not take 6,000 mg of CBD per day.

How to Find the Right CBD Dosage

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

The Federal Food and Drug Administration has not developed an RDI or Recommended Daily Intake for CBD. Based on research to date, most people would not take more than 1,500 mg of CBD per day because this is the higher amount studied and found to have no side effects in most study participants. People usually take a much lower daily dose of CBD.

What happens if you take too much CBD oil? “Too much” does not mean CBD causes an overdose or death. There is one documented case of an obese man who got toxicity from eating two bags of CBD gummies for 370 mg of CBD. One case of a child experiencing respiratory discomfort from an accidental CBD overdose. In both cases, it was never proved that CBD caused the health crisis. Opioids work on the brainstem, so people can overdose on them. The brainstem does not have many cannabinoid receptors, so you cannot overdose on CBD as you can with opioids.

Many factors influence the effects of CBD, so you may experience side effects when you reach a particular dosage. For example, you may not have any side effects from taking 1,500 mg of CBD daily, but someone else might experience effects like diarrhea, light-headedness, reduced appetite, drowsiness and dry mouth. Various studies have found that taking 200 mg of CBD by mouth for up to 13 weeks is likely safe for most people. So much more research is needed on CBD’s long-term effects, but people have taken CBD for years without experiencing any symptoms.

Ways to Take Multiple CBD Products

Once you determine your ideal CBD amount, you can take multiple CBD products while ensuring you stay within the optimal amount that meets your needs. Can you take CBD oil and gummies together? Yes, you can. Can you take a CBD tincture oil and later swallow a CBD pill? Yes, you can. Various ways to take multiple CBD products include:

  • Combining CBD oil and gummies
  • Combining CBD oil or gummies with a CBD topical
  • Alternating CBD products throughout the day
  • Using different CBD products based on needs, i.e., CBD capsules for energy during the day and softgels for sleep before bedtime
  • Using CBD products in different potencies at the same time to address multiple issues, i.e., a 25 mg CBD capsule and a 10 mg softgel for relieving perceptions
  • Taking a CBD gummy every 12 hours and applying CBD topical whenever needed

Using multiple CBD products can create a synergistic effect.

  • CBD products are available in three spectrums:
  • CBD full spectrum containing up to 0.3 percent THC;
  • CBD broad spectrum, which has most or all of the THC removed
  • CBD isolate, which is only CBD.

Also, consider bioavailability when determining how to take multiple CBD products. The bioavailability of a CBD tincture is higher than a CBD gummy, for example. You will experience the effects of the CBD tincture before the effects of the CBD gummy, which must go through first-pass metabolism.

CBD Gummies Are Easy to Add to the Daily Routine

CBD gummies are one of the most popular CBD products because they taste like candy and are convenient. They also are sold with different potencies, flavors and spectrums. You can carry them everywhere throughout the day.

How often can you take CBD gummies? The general rule is to take 1-5 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds. The number of times you take CBD gummies is determined by the following:

  • The CBD milligrams in each gummy
  • How many mg of CBD do you decide is the optimal daily amount
  • The CBD mg in any other CBD products you want to take.

If you do not take any other CBD products, you may take CBD gummies several times a day. Factor in other CBD products. For example, if you decide taking 100 mg of CBD per day is ideal and want to take it throughout the day, you could consume three 20 mg CBD gummies for 60 mg and two CBD capsules with 20 mg of CBD each for 40 mg.

cbdMD CBD Gummies

The best time to take CBD gummies depends on the formulation. If you are taking CBD gummies for general health, take one in the morning, one at noon and one in the late afternoon. Then take a CBD gummy for sleep an hour before bedtime. You will quickly learn how to take CBD gummies as you assess their effects.

Find Your Ideal Mix of CBD Products

CBD product retailers will suggest a daily serving amount, which is a good beginning guide. Products will have the total amount of CBD contained in the package. If a bottle of CBD oil has 6,000 mg of CBD, you would not consume half the bottle at once. After taking CBD gummies or CBD oil for 1-2 weeks to determine the effects experienced, you can increase the CBD amount. There is no hard and fast rule, so you need to be diligent in tracking how you feel when taking any CBD product.




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