Best CBD Oils For Dogs: How To Choose?

CBD oil is very effective in treating a number of conditions that occur in dogs. Whether it be anxiety during a thunderstorm or severe arthritis, the cannabinoids in CBD oil can promote better health and well being. Pure CBD oil is very safe and is the best CBD oil for dogs. When used in small doses and increased slowly, the majority of dogs won’t experience any kind of negative side effect at all.

It is important to make sure that the product being used is pure and made from high quality products. Take the time to shop some of the best CBD products for dogs before making a final selection. You should feel good about the purchase that you are making for your pet. After all, they are a member of the family.

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CBD Origin

Not every CBD product is created equally and it is important to pay attention to the source of a certain product. CBD is sourced from the hemp plant which can be prone to absorbing other toxins from the earth that it is planted in. If the hemp is being grown in toxic soil that is full of pesticides then you aren’t doing your pet much good.

Before you purchase a product you should make sure that the brand discloses where their hemp is sourced and the kind of growing conditions that it is harvested in. Non-GMO and organic hemp is what is used for the best CBD products for dogs. A company that is trustworthy may even provide lab results for their products. This will give you an idea of the THC content and the overall quality of the product.

Dosing Information for Dogs

A traditional medication that has been approved by the FDA will generally come with some dosing guidelines to follow. CBD doesn’t have precise dosing information because each product is made differently and with a different potency. There also hasn’t been sufficient research on this aspect of CBD.

The product that you choose should come with dosing information that you can start out with based on the size of your dog. Start out small and work your way up from there to ensure that your pet isn’t going to have any negative side effects.

dosing cbd oil for dogs guidelines to follow

A CBD product that is designed for a dog will usually come in doses of 125mg, 300mg or 1,000mg.

A CBD product that is designed for a dog will usually come in doses of 125mg, 300mg or 1,000mg.

CBD products that are designed for human consumption can be used on dogs in theory. However, if you purchase product that is specifically designed for dogs then you can trust the product to be safe for your pet. You can also trust that the formulation of CBD that was used to create the product is targeted to the dog population. Pet friendly flavors can help with the process of feeding the product to your pet. Some animals don’t like to take CBD oil straight but with some of the best CBD oil for dogs have added flavor and they consume it much easier.


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