A New Study Focuses on Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD Effects

  • Updated November 30, 2023

  • Published November 30, 2023

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A New Study Focuses on Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD Effects

Researchers at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine published the results of a study in Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids that was focused on determining if CBD reduced feelings of tension as self-reported by study participants. The results were the participants found broad spectrum CBD and isolate CBD were both effective, but broad spectrum CBD was most effective to cope with tension.

This study had 394 participants who followed a 30 or 60-day regimen of taking hemp-derived CBD. They were told to use a 1,000 mg isolate CBD product for half the time and then a 1,000 mg broad spectrum CBD product for the next period. For example, the 30-day group took isolate CBD for 15 days and broad spectrum CBD for 15 days. The participants were told they could take the CBD ad libitum, which meant they could consume as much CBD as they wanted to and as often as desired.

The participants reported that broad spectrum and isolate CBD helped with tension control, but the broad spectrum CBD was significantly more effective for both of the 30 and 60-day groups. However, people in both groups said they liked the taste of the isolate product better than the taste of the broad spectrum CBD.

The researchers wrote,

“Overall, participants reported both CBD products to be effective and able to assist relaxation, and that ratings were higher for the broad spectrum as compared to the isolate product. However, participants preferred the taste of the isolate product over that of the broad spectrum. Together, these data fit with prior studies, suggesting tension-reducing effects of CBD.”

The fact that broad spectrum CBD was reported as more effective than isolate CBD at reducing tension was consistent with the results of previous studies. This suggests the entourage effect does occur in which the many cannabinoids in broad spectrum CBD products work synergistically to produce more benefits than the single cannabinoid CBD in isolate CBD products. Broad spectrum CBD also contains flavonoids and terpenes.

The researchers concluded that more controlled studies are needed to determine CBD’s effectiveness for people experiencing medical issues. There is also a need for more studies on the benefits people who are not undergoing clinical care are self-reporting.

Though more research concerning CBD is always recommended in clinical studies, the fact is the data demonstrating the benefits of CBD is accumulating. CBD holds enormous potential as a therapeutic based on anecdotal evidence and clinical studies.


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