Study on General Health Effects of CBD Conducted

Study on General Health Effects of CBD Conducted

Laura Stewart is a Professor in the University of Northern Colorado’s Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition and Dietetics and has been studying the effect of CBD (cannabidiol) on the immune system. Her research has been ongoing for nine years, prompted by marketers and others making many unsubstantiated claims.

Stewart’s concern is that people are choosing to use CBD based on marketing claims that are not scientifically proven and are not legally allowed. They are also depending on anecdotal evidence presented by CBD consumers and recommendations by the general public.

During the years 2016-2019, Stewart conducted studies on the effects of cannabis use on the immune system, specifically related to exercise performance. The study participants were users and non-users. In 2021, she conducted a clinical trial in which participants consumed CBD for eight weeks.

“We saw some potential for natural killer cells, which are part of the immune system. We saw that they might be potentially enhanced in their ability to kill those cells. We also found some interesting differences between groups in their ability to feel awake after sleeping,” said Stewart.

A recent study that Stewart conducted was prompted by a global beverage company’s request to evaluate if regular CBD consumption could impact general health. The brand wanted to launch a new beverage and determine if CBD has any effects on physical or mental health and cognitive or focus ability.

For eight weeks, 102 healthy individuals took 60 mg of CBD with L-theanine, 30 mg CBD plus L-theanine, L-theanine only or a placebo. After eight weeks. The result of the study was that the healthy people participating did not experience physical or mental health changes. There were no significant changes in fatigue, cognition or immune functionality.

Regulatory oversight of CBD products, including treating oils like supplements, could end some of the misinformation unscrupulous CBD brands communicate to the market. Quality CBD brands follow the FDA rules prohibiting CBD-related health claims until more research is conducted. Consumers should stay on top of the ongoing CBD research, start with low doses of CBD and always read the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product used.


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