Australian People Are Invited to Join a CBD Clinical Trial

  • Updated November 9, 2022

  • Published November 9, 2022

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People With Sleep Problems Are Invited to Join an Australian CBD Clinical Trial

Getting a good night’s sleep is very difficult today, and sleep disorders can lower the quality of life. The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Australia is beginning a clinical study in which 200 people experiencing sleep issues will participate. The study assesses whether a potential new CBD medication can reduce these sleep problems. The participants are currently being recruited.

The CANrest study is being conducted in partnership with Bod Australia, a global health and wellness business. The study will test two different doses of CBD to determine if they reduce sleep deprivation symptoms. There is so much anecdotal evidence with people claiming CBD does help them sleep, but the researchers wanted to assess the effects of CBD under controlled conditions.

Professor Ron Grunstein AM, the senior trial investigator, explained,

“What we hope to achieve with the CANRest sleep study is to establish that the trial drug significantly improves quality and quantity of sleep for these patients compared with placebo.”

The study participants are 18-65 and will take either CBD or a placebo capsule for eight weeks. They will complete questionnaires and wear a wristwatch that measures sleep patterns for the week before treatment begins and then for one week at the end of the treatment period. The study will be conducted entirely online, so participants will not be required to visit the research institute.

In Australia, one out of three adults experiences sleep disorder symptoms, making it a significant health and well-being issue for the country. To date, there have not been many controlled clinical studies on a pharmaceutical-grade CBD formulation’s effectiveness in improving sleep.

One of the reasons this study is so important is because many sleep medications that people take today can lead to dependency or have unwanted side effects. CBD is being studied in other clinical trials worldwide as a therapeutic compound that could reduce dependence on addictive opioids. As a natural compound, CBD has great potential to replace some of the prescription medications people take looking for relief from sleep problems. The fact that the study is conducted entirely online is also exciting and could point to a future in which more medical studies are conducted in this manner when it makes sense.


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