Miami International Airport Plans to Add CBD Retail Shop

  • Updated February 9, 2024

  • Published February 9, 2024

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Miami international Airport Plans to Add CBD Retail Shop

Miami-Dade County has issued a draft document that requests bids for developing and operating a Cannabidiol (CBD) Retail Shop at the Miami International Airport. The scope of work description says the vendor will “finance, design, construct, manage, operate, and maintain” the retail shop. The winning vendor can sell CBD tinctures, edibles, serums, topical treatments, supplements, sprays, bath bombs and beauty products.

One of the most interesting statements made in the draft document is that, “Travelers that are stressed, and are focused on their wellness are the target market for this shop.” This is a government entity’s recognition that CBD may be effective in reducing these conditions.

CBD is legal in Florida. CBD products must meet federal and state hemp laws that limit the amount of THC to no more than 0.3%. There are not many airports that allow CBD stores as tenants.

One likely reason is that the laws and rules concerning traveling with medical marijuana and CBD are inconsistent and confusing. For example, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires CBD products to contain less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis, but how do you prove a CBD product is really CBD and meets the THC limit during flight check-in? A TSA agent has the right to prevent airplane boarding if suspicious of any item a passenger is carrying. Most cruise lines still prohibit any CBD products.

Miami International Airport wants to add a CBD retail center to give travelers feeling stressed a healthy option for promoting relaxation. The airport has been dealing with a series of maintenance problems that include disabled escalators, elevators and one of the Skytrains. These issues are increasing traveler stress. The new CBD retail store will be 1,052 square feet, giving it plenty of room to sell various CBD products.

The inconsistency between federal and many state laws continues to plague the CBD market and confuse CBD users. It is unfortunate because it is preventing some people from trying a CBD product to see if it can help with promoting wellness. Adding a CBD retail operation at the Miami International Airport may serve as another impetus for the federal government to address CBD regulations.


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