New Iowa Legislation Limits the THC Content of Hemp-Derived Products

New Iowa Legislation Limits the THC Content of Hemp-Derived Products

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds recently signed a new law that limits the THC content of hemp-derived products to 4 milligrams per serving and 10 milligrams per container. House File 2605 was sent to the governor’s desk under the protestations of CBD product producers and retailers who adhere to the federal law, which allows a product to not contain more than .3% THC.

The new “low THC” law is effective July 1. It caps the amount of THC in hemp-derived products and limits the age for buying products containing THC to 21. It also has penalties for violating the law and prohibits synthetic THC. Another requirement is that all consumable THC products are required to have a warning label, similar to the label on alcoholic products.

This bill was reluctantly signed into law by Governor Reynolds. She said,

“I have concerns about this bill and have heard from individuals and groups on both sides of the issue. Ultimately, I am signing it into law to protect minors from dangerous and intoxicating products. At the same time, we’ve taken steps to ensure that children who are resistant to medications and suffer from medical conditions continue to have access to consumable hemp alternatives for relief.”

There are two significant concerns about this new law. First, the new law will drive many businesses that are selling THC products out of business. CBD products that contain THC are formulated to meet federal law. The new Iowa law makes a large amount of inventory illegal in the state. CBD sellers will have to remove THC products from shelves, and for some, the sales of these products are a significant source of revenue. It is estimated that approximately 1,100 Iowa CBD retailers could be impacted. Also affected are companies selling THC-infused drinks.

The other issue is that people up to 95 years old are relying on THC products to help them manage issues like poor sleep quality. Obtaining medical marijuana is a complex and expensive process, so many people will now be cut off from easy access to helpful CBD products.

These kinds of laws seldom achieve their goals. If CBD products with THC are helping Iowans with their wellness issues, many will go out-of-state or online to purchase their products. Some consumers will lose the help they are receiving. Either way, Iowa and its citizens are negatively impacted. Iowa retailers have filed a class action lawsuit against the state, so perhaps something will change in the future.


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