Getting the Benefits of Coffee Without Experiencing the Jitters

  • Updated December 30, 2021

  • Published December 30, 2021

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Getting the Benefits of Coffee Without Experiencing the Jitters

Adding CBD to a cup of coffee may make the caffeine more effective without people experiencing the jitters.

Coffee has been the go-to for many people worldwide as a way to wake up and get through the day for a long, long time. People love coffee so much that they create a lifestyle around it.

In addition to this beverage tasting good and perking a person up, in the right quantities, it can also have health benefits.

Caffeine Has a Dark Side

Despite the benefits of coffee and caffeine, there are some downsides to drinking this beverage. The one most people truly hate is the jitters. Being unable to control a shaking body can be incredibly annoying, but the jitters can also increase a person’s heart rate, making the day incredibly unpleasant.

Studies are currently being conducted to see if adding CBD to caffeinated beverages might help reduce the jitters and make the caffeine even more effective. More often than not, people use CBD because it helps them feel calm and relaxed. Combining it with caffeine may ensure that a person gets the perky part of the beverage but not the dreaded dark side.

Testing the CBD Theory

Again, studies on whether or not CBD can reduce the jitters are ongoing, but if a person would like to conduct their own experiments, they can. It’s recommended that they use CBD oil, which is placed directly under the tongue, before consuming a cup of coffee. Should a person dislike the taste of CBD oil, they can add CBD to the beverage or find another product they like better.

It’s advised to start with the lowest recommended dose and be patient. It can take up to two weeks before the effects are felt. It’s also a good idea to talk to their doctor before adding CBD to their coffee.

CBD could be exactly what a person needs to ensure they are getting the most out of their caffeine without experiencing the jitters.


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