Disregard Scammers Demanding Backlinks

Disregard Scammers Claiming to Work for CBD.market and Demanding Backlinks

Staying ahead of scammers is a real challenge today, but some make their presence readily known through their consistent threats to do brands harm to help themselves in some way. Recently, emails are appearing that are targeting many businesses around the world, including CBD.market, threatening to ruin their businesses if they do not follow instructions.

In our case, the scammer falsely claims to work for CBD.market. The emails they send to other companies say backlinks to our website should be immediately placed on the targeted company blogs.

The scammer then says the consequence of not creating backlinks is he will create a million spammy backlinks on the targeted websites or will inject the virus into the website and destroy the company’s Google ranking or Google block it.

CBD.market would never send a threatening email and has no responsibility for these emails. These scam emails have no connection to CBD.market, and we cannot be held liable for them should you receive such an email. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with cbd.market if you receive one of these emails, so we can investigate further. We value our excellent reputation and will do everything possible to identify the scammer and end the threats delivered under our brand name.

It is important to always follow the best practice of checking the domain name and email used to determine authenticity. An email from CBD.market will always use the correct domain name, which is *@cbd.market. Any other domain name that claims to be associated with us is a scam.


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