Consumers Reduce Use of Meds When Consuming CBD Products

  • Updated November 15, 2023

  • Published November 15, 2023

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Consumers Reduce Use of Meds When Consuming CBD Products

A study published in the Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids journal examined the relationship between using CBD products and over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drug use (RX). During the four-week study, the daily CBD dosage’s impact on general health and symptoms was also examined. The results found the symptom scores improved and the use of OTC and RX medications decreased.

The study participants were aged 18-75 years of age and had been using CBD products for more than one month. The products they were purchasing on their own had not been tested for CBD concentration to see if the actual amount matched the label. For control purposes, study participants were given a choice of products verified as to CBD concentration. Fifteen different vendors sold the CBD products offered for the study.

Before starting using their chosen CBD product for a month, the participants answered questions about their reasons for using CBD, the primary symptoms they were addressing with it, their general health and symptom scores, the medications they were taking and the self-administered CBD dose they were taking daily. Once the study began, the researchers asked participants each day about their RX and OTC use while taking the chosen CBD product. Each week, the participants were queried about their symptoms and general health before and after taking the daily dose.

The reasons people gave for taking CBD included mental health, sleep disorders, general health and wellness, digestive health, and the central nervous system. The average daily was 40.8 mg per day for four weeks.

The conclusion was that the CBD people were taking on their own did reduce their usage of RX and OTC medications, and that was for daily doses of CBD at amounts less than those reported in controlled studies.

“CBD self-administration significantly improves self-perception of general health and decreases symptom severity, and as these improve, fewer OTC and RX drugs are used,” were the conclusions of the researcher authors.

One of the issues with CBD is that many products sold in retail stores are not labeled correctly as to the CBD concentration. Despite this, people consuming cannabidiol each day in various unknown amounts are realizing many benefits. It is also encouraging that consuming CBD leads to them taking lower amounts of medications, which frequently have many side effects. CBD is a natural plant compound, and numerous studies have found there are seldom any side effects.


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