cbdMD Publishes Clinical Trial Results Demonstrating CBD Efficacy

cbdMD Publishes Clinical Trial Results To Assess CBD Efficacy

cbdMD had University of South Carolina researchers conduct a human clinical trial to assess the efficacy of its proprietary Broad Spectrum CBD blend. The results were overwhelmingly positive and were published in the esteemed Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. The data unequivocally demonstrated that the Broad Spectrum CBD blend was well tolerated and delivered numerous benefits.

In this study, 54 healthy male and female adults took 100 mg of cbdMD’s Broad Spectrum Blend daily over 90 days (12 weeks). Half a dose was taken twice daily, meaning they took 50 mg/mL of CBD with each dose.

The study findings said:

  • Men and women experienced significant relief compared to the placebo group
  • Female participants reported decreased tension levels and higher levels of vigor-activity
  • Male participants showed notable decreases in “anger-hostility” scores after 60 days of CBD consumption and lower levels of inflammatory markers

This study again reaffirms the safety of consuming 2.29 mg of CBD per kg of body weight daily. Previous studies have reported similar data. All the study participants tolerated CBD very well, and there were no signs of adverse health effects. The differences in effects for men and women do indicate more research on outcomes based on sex is suggested.

Ronan Kennedy, CEO and CFO of cbdMD, said,

“This paper is a prime example of cbdMD’s approach to science, which has laid the foundation for cbdMD to deliver safe, effective products formulated to specifically address the needs of our customers. We have proven cbdMD’s products are safe and are now showing our customers our commitment to efficacy in crucial areas such as discomfort management.”

This study is of paramount importance for two reasons. Firstly, it underscores the necessity for more human clinical trials involving CBD, especially since the FDA requires substantial evidence before considering regulatory measures to bolster consumer confidence in the CBD market. Secondly, the study’s use of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial is a testament to its scientific rigor. It is a method that relies on data analysis, not subjective opinion or marketing, to demonstrate the benefits of CBD. Consumers can look forward to more studies like these that high-quality CBD brands support.


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