CBD Biscuits and Cookies are Now for Pets!

Just unbelievable! Searchers and businesses in Florida (USA) have agreed on the benefits of cannabis for pets. Some companies have been producing CBD biscuits and cookies for dogs for several years. The CBD extract contained in this product helps pets calm down and relax. Older individuals feel better thank to CBD oils.

From the other side to this story veterinarians doubt that a sufficient amount of research has been carried out. They think such biscuits can become a drug and cause addiction for most pets. High medication or the best help – they need to find out as soon as possible.

In December 2018, a Farm Bill was passed, which allows the production containing 3% of the CBD. This ruling refers to people who are happy to release a sedative treat for dogs.

The owners of the Company Prana Pets argue that this is a natural approach to the health of pets. They have already tested CBD cookies on their dogs and have seen excellent results.

Many people buy products that contain CBD oil and see nothing wrong with that. Now pets will appreciate the benefit of this controversial plant.

It is known when pet owners independently treated aggressive dogs with hemp oil. Perhaps this delicacy is suitable for a specific group of dogs. For example, adopted, painful, old individuals will receive practical assistance through the release of CBD biscuits. Wonderful and cheerful pets do not have to eat a new product until the research is completed.

However, it takes time to conduct new researches if it is harmful or useful to feed pets with CBD biscuits and cookies.


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