American Johnson & Wales University to Launch CBD Entrepreneurship Program

  • Updated December 10, 2020

  • Published December 10, 2020

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American Johnson & Wales University to Launch CBD Entrepreneurship Program

One can join the program in Fall 2021 to become a professional in the CBD industry that is gaining momentum.

Rhode island’s Johnson & Wales University launches a Cannabis entrepreneurship program. The bachelor’s degree will include disciplines to study science, business, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing, chemistry, and other areas that will be handy in working in this field. In short, students will gain the knowledge and tools that will allow them to launch their own business or otherwise join the CBD industry.

The program is to be led by Michael Budziszek, an associate professor and expert in botany, plant biochemistry, global warming, genetics, biosciences, and nutrigenomics, and Magnus Thorsson, an assistant professor at the JWU’s Providence campus who is an expert in sustainable hotel operations, service-oriented marketing, and hotel management.

According to the latter, the CBD is a rapidly developing and profitable area with great growth and development opportunities.

«This program starts from the ground up to allow students to evaluate the cannabis landscape as it evolves. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry that is the fastest-growing opportunity to employ people. It fits so perfectly with the grit and ingenuity of JWU students», — said associate professor Magnus Thorsson.

Also, he added that growers and distributors are increasingly looking for specialists with a background in entrepreneurship and supply-chain-management to keep ahead of growing competition. And students graduating from this new program will be able to be accountants and business managers with knowledge of botany to run their expanding operations.

Sample Cannabis Entrepreneurship Courses will be available in Providence, with a program start in Fall 2021.


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