Tips to Relax After a Hard Working Day

Tips to Relax After a Hard Working Day

A hard day at work usually means a stressful day, and science has proven that unrelenting stress can lead to significant problems. They include higher blood pressure, changes in the heart rate and many other medical issues. Using relaxation techniques each day after work interrupts the stress process which will minimize the risk of developing stress-related health problems. Some of the strategies for relaxing include exercise, consuming CBD for relaxation and mindfulness.

How to Relax After Working Day

TLDR: Relaxing after a hard working day is important for maintaining physical, mental and emotional health. Stress is a major cause of many health conditions. Research is demonstrating that CBD for relaxation may help reduce feelings of stress. It is recommended to start with a low dose like 25 mg and increase the dosage once the effects are known. Use CBD in conjunction with other relaxation strategies, like regular exercise and mindfulness.


Importance of Managing Stress

Normal stress is a survival response intended to help the body and mind respond to situations perceived as a threat. The problem is that chronic stress means the body stays in a heightened alert condition, and that is what promotes physical and mental health problems. Following are a few statistics summarized from studies and reported by the American Institute of Stress indicating stress is frequently related to work.

  • 80 percent of workers experience stress at work
  • 25 percent have wanted to shout or scream due to work-related stress
  • 25 percent of workers say their jobs are the main cause of stress in their lives
  • 26 percent of workers say they often experience burnout or stress at work
  • More women than men experience daily stress due to work-life balance challenges
  • 62 percent of workers say they experience neck pain by the end of the workday

There are many more statistics that all indicate stress is a serious problem for working people and negatively impacts physical, mental and emotional health. Given these statistics, it is not surprising that more people each year are asking, “Does CBD relax you?”

How to Relax After a Hard Day of Working

Learning to relax after work to reduce feelings of anxiety, a stress reaction and get a good night’s sleep is critical to stress management. The following are some tips on how to relax after a hard day at work.

1. Learn Mindfulness Yoga

The complementary discipline of yoga has been shown to help many people reduce anxiety. Mindfulness is learning to live in the present. Combine mindfulness with yoga, and you have a powerful, multiplied way to unwind from work stress. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, improve fitness and help manage chronic health conditions. Studies on mindfulness to reduce worry found the practice can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Tips to Relax After a Hard Day of Working: Learn Mindfulness Yoga

2. Take Time to Do Nothing to Unwind

People today lead non-stop lives. They rush to work, where they stay busy all day, and then they rush home to deal with the complexity of daily life too. Taking time to unwind can be very helpful in breaking the cycle of stress. If doing nothing, like sitting in a chair for a period of time, is unappealing, you can take time to do something you enjoy, like reading or a hobby. In either case, be mindful of your thoughts, and use the time to think in non-judgmental terms about experiences and emotions.

3. Turn Off the Phone and the Computer

A Harvard researchers study found that using technology that is light-emitting before bedtime makes it more difficult to fall asleep, disrupts the sleep-wake cycle, reduces REM sleep and reduces the melatonin hormone, which promotes sleep. Getting good quality sleep every night is important to managing stress during the day.

4. Take CBD

A Statista survey found that 49 percent of U.S. adults use CBD for stress. Numerous research studies are being conducted to determine the scientific basis for the claims of millions of people who say taking CBD helps them reduce stress.

Tips to Relax After a Hard Day of Working: Take CBD

5. Exercise

Exercise is good for the body and the mind. It reduces the hormone levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which are called the “stress hormones.” Exercising also increases the production of endorphins which enhance mood. The Anxiety & Depression Association of America’s survey found that people using exercise for relaxation will walk, run and do yoga.

Taking CBD to Relax After Work

According to Grandview Research, CBD (cannabidiol) is used most often for therapeutic purposes compared to other cannabinoids. One of the largest markets is CBD for stress management. The question commonly asked is: How much CBD do you need to relax?

There is no set amount of CBD to recommend for all people because so many factors influence the right dosage, i.e., weight, metabolism, product potency, etc. A clinical study in 2019 had most people consume 25 milligrams of CBD in a capsule form and some consume 50 milligrams or 75 milligrams each day. Most study participants experienced decreased anxiety within the first month, and the anxiety remained low. In addition, the quality of sleep improved. The researchers recommend more dosage research be conducted because CBD shows real promise for reducing anxiety.

A different research study had people take 150 mg, 300 mg, or 600 mg of CBD. The 300 mg of CBD led to the highest reduction in stress while giving a public speech. This supports the fact that the right CBD dose for each person depends on many different factors. There is no single recommendation for how many mg of CBD to calm oneself. A good approach is to start with a low dose after work and see if it reduces your feelings of anxiety or if it helps you fall asleep. You can always increase the dosage over time and test the results.

Experiment to Find What Works Best for You

Though there is no answer to how much CBD per day to use, you can begin by buying a low potency CBD product for relaxation and following the label’s dosing recommendations. If you do not like taking CBD capsules, try CBD tinctures or CBD calming drinks for stress. There are now many CBD products sold to satisfy different needs.




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