CBD-infused, Coated and Sprayed CBD Gummies: What Are the Differences?

CBD-infused, Coated and Sprayed CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the most popular products sold today, and Grand View Research expects the market to grow at 30.7% from 2021-2028. There are many reasons for their popularity, including the fact that they taste like candy, are non-psychoactive, and are easy to carry and consume throughout the day. How are CBD gummies made, and do brands utilize different methods to add CBD to gummies?

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CBD gummies are made using dipping, spraying, coating or infusing methods. The first three methods add the CBD extract solution to the gummy surfaces. Infused CBD gummies are made by mixing the hemp extract solution into the gummy mixture before the candies are molded. Infusion gummies are higher quality than sprayed edibles because the CBD is contained evenly throughout the gummy. Potency and dosage are more reliable because each gummy has a specific amount of CBD.

A Common Question: What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are edible candies with CBD added in some manner to the chewy concoctions. The CBD gummies are made like non-CBD gummies, except that CBD extracts are infused into or coated on the gummy in some way. All gummy candies contain sugar, fruit pectin or gelatin for thickener and flavoring, and some have additional ingredients. For example, you can purchase CBD gummies for sleep that contain melatonin or gummies with vitamin C for immune system support.


Gummies are available in various flavors and CBD potencies. The process used to add CBD to the gummies makes a difference to gummy characteristics like CBD dosage consistency.

Methods for Adding CBD to a Gummy

CBD gummies are available in all three spectrums: full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate. Manufacturers use different methods to add CBD to gummy formulas.

The first step in adding CBD to the four methods is preparing the CBD extract solution.


A CBD extract solution is made by mixing oil, isolate powder or distillate with carrier oil like MCT oil or hemp seed oil. The solution may be gently heated to ensure CBD is evenly distributed. The pre-made gummies are placed on a rack, dipped into the solution to evenly coat them, and then allowed to dry.


Once again, the CBD extract solution is made. Oil, isolate, or distillate is blended with a solvent or carrier oil. The gummies are placed on a conveyor belt or tray and sprayed with the CBD solution. Brands producing large batches of CBD gummies are likely using automated spraying equipment to control the amount of CBD applied to the gummies. After spraying, the gummies are allowed to dry.


The coating method also involves placing pre-made gummies on a rack. The rack is submerged in the CBD solution made of oil, distillate or isolate. In smaller production operations, another coating method used is to apply the solution by manually brushing it on the gummies or spraying the gummies with handheld spraying equipment. The gummies are then allowed to dry after the CBD solution is applied.

The process used to add CBD to the gummies makes a difference to gummy characteristics like CBD dosage consistency.


What are infused gummies? The gummy mixture is prepared, and the CBD solution is thoroughly mixed (infused) into it. This process requires stirring the mixture until CBD is evenly distributed. The gummy mixture is placed in molds, cooled until set, and then removed from the molds. The main difference between this method and the dipping, spraying and coating methods is that the gummies are not pre-made before applying the CBD solution.

People may spray oil or tincture on gummies or other edibles. They learn how to spray distillate on edibles because CBD distillate is a potent, pure concentrate. Because it is so purified, it has no taste or flavor.

Distillate may be too thick for spraying, so it can be thinned with a small amount of ethanol (a pure form of alcohol), making it sprayable on edibles. The FDA has labeled ethanol as a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) substance safe for food use. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray on any edible, including gummies.

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Which Method is the Best?

The dipping method is one of the less reliable methods. If the CBD solution does not consistently coat each gummy, the gummy’s potency is questionable, and you may not know how much CBD you are taking.

The spraying and coating methods also have quality issues. For example, if the spraying equipment is incorrectly calibrated, the gummy surfaces may not be evenly coated. Quality control is essential to ensuring the accuracy of CBD dosing.

The infusion method is the best method for several important reasons.

  1. The CBD is more likely to have the stated potency because it is mixed into the gummy formulation; a CBD solution applied with dipping, spraying, or the coating may be applied unevenly, or a gummy layer can rub off in the package.
  2. Infused CBD gummies contain CBD throughout the gummy, so unlike sprayed edibles, most CBD is not exposed to the elements like heat and sunlight, giving the gummies a longer shelf life.
  3. Infused CBD gummies have a precise amount of CBD extract.
  4. Gummies with infused CBD may have a better texture and flavor because the manufacturer knows how to infuse gummies so that the ingredients are thoroughly blended; the earthy flavor of CBD is more likely to be noticeable when it coats the gummy surface.
  5. Infusion gummies often undergo more stringent quality control measures since the CBD is mixed into the gummy mixture; each manufacturing process step is assessed for quality.

Ensuring the Purchase of High-Quality CBD Gummies

The concentration of CBD in the solution determines the dosage per gummy. Infusion is the most reliable method for ensuring an accurate CBD dosage amount in each gummy. However, you should take other steps besides verifying the production method to ensure you purchase high-quality products.

For example, a third-party lab should test every CBD gummy batch and make the Certificate of Analysis (COAs) available for review. The lab should be independent of the manufacturer or brand.

You also want to buy only CBD products made by companies with a proven track record for honesty and transparency. Reading customer reviews is helpful. Remember to find COAs, read the brand’s product information and customer reviews.


How is CBD Added to Gummies?

CBD is added to gummies in one of four ways: dipping, spraying, coating, or infusing. Dipping, spraying, and coating methods begin with making the CBD extract solution and the gummies separately. The molded gummies are then dipped, sprayed, or coated with the CBD extract. Infused CBD gummies are made by mixing the CBD extract and gummy formulation and then pouring the mixture into molds.

Are Infused Gummies Better?

Infused gummies are better when they are made by adding CBD extract to gummy surfaces. They have a more consistent potency and dosage amount. They are also subject to a more rigorous quality testing process during manufacturing. Infusion gummies may also have a better flavor and texture.

Buy Quality CBD Products

A CBD gummy is a chewy, sweet candy with cannabidiol (CBD) added. Not all CBD gummies have the same quality. Some gummies are made by taking plain gummies and dipping, spraying or coating a CBD extract solution on the gummy surfaces. The highest quality gummies are infused with CBD because the infusion method ensures the extract is evenly mixed in the gummy formulation. You have the best assurance the stated potency and dosage amounts are accurate. No matter which product you buy, remember that reviewing the Certificate of Analysis before buying a CBD product to verify purity and safety is important.


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